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Do you need minibus insurance?

The answer is yes if you want to drive a minibus privately or as a commercial vehicle you will need a Minibus Insurance policy.

How many seats does a minibus have?

Any Vehicle that has between 9 to 16 seats is classed as a minibus and any vehicle over this is classed as a coach.

Does my occupation matter when purchasing minibus insurance?

It does not matter what you are using the minibus for, if it has between 9 to 16 seats you need specific minibus insurance.

What if I am a Taxi Driver will a normal minibus insurance policy suit me?

You will need to take out a specific public or private hire minibus insurance policy which will be slightly different.

Please click here for Taxi Minibus insurance

Do I need any other insurance from minibus insurance?

There are some insurance policies which you may need to have as part of your profession.

If you are transporting children or patients it might be worth looking at public liability.

It also might be worth looking at taking out some sort of breakdown cover.