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Your rental property may be one of your biggest investments – so you need to have the confidence in your insurance company that it’s completely covered and protected.

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What is Block of flats Insurance?

Block Of Flats insurance is very comprehensive and protects you from some of the most simple problems which could cost you a lot of money. Here are some examples.

  • Accidental Damage – Which covers for the building and/or its contents
  • Loss of rent – In the event a tenant fails to pay their monthly rent or the property is uninhabitable.
  • Loss of income – similar to a loss of rent, if your property is damaged and your tenants are forced to move out.
  • Legal Cover – to recoup any lost rent your tenant fails to pay which needs to be taken to the courts.
  • Cost of repairs – in an emergency following a gas leak, pest infestation or burst pipe and more.
  • Property owner’s liability – is to cover the general public for damages if they suffer an injury from your property.
  • Flood Cover – is to cover the repairs and damage of flooding to the Block of flats.
  • Fire and Material Damage – Will cover the repair costs of any fire or damage to the structure and inside of the building.

Whats the difference between Blocks of flats and a single flat?

Telling the difference between Blocks of flats insurance and Standard Flat insurance is important. If you own a Block of flats from two flats or above you will need specific Block of Flats insurance. If you are only covering one flat then you just need standard flat insurance which we can provide for both.

There are different types of cover for Block of flats such as the fabrication of the flats for the brickwork and the structural material of the property, contents such as carpets, flooring and communal furnishings and property, and owners liability which includes public and employers liability which will protect you as a landlord from tenants and visitors claiming against you for injury or damage.

So what details do I need to get a quote?

  • Property Rebuild costs.
  • Types of alarms fitted.
  • Types of locks fitted.
  • The total cost of your personal belongings.
  • What tenants are in the property and how long for.
  • Your property build date.
  • Any information on claims you have made in the past 5 years.