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With the current Covid-19 Pandemic sweeping the nation it has now become even more apparent that health insurance is starting to become a necessity for individuals and families to see a doctor or have treatment. With the NHS overloaded, waiting times are now exceeding 18 weeks just to see a consultant and more people are falling foul of worser symptoms which could be treated straight away privately. It’s now time to think about your health or your families by looking at other Private Health Insurance. Get in touch today for a free no obligation quote.

As the old saying goes; ”health is wealth”, and it’s true!…the most significant contributing factor towards happiness and wellbeing is good health. A population consisting of healthy and fit individuals is more productive and increases economic progress. Being in good health helps you stay independent, be more productive, reduces your cost of living and helps keep you mentally well. Unfortunately, life is full of uncertainties and we can’t always guarantee good health, but what we can be is – prepared. Health insurance can be a significant investment in your future, providing crucial support when you might need it most.

A health insurance policy might help you with a speedy diagnosis and faster recovery by reducing waiting times and the need to pay for advanced medical expenses. Purchasing health insurance is a very responsible step in your personal financial planning. Health insurance may also be able to compensate you for time spent in hospital due to illness or injury, or even pay the care provider directly. Before purchasing health insurance from an insurer it’s worth bearing these factors in mind;

Working with a variety of insurance providers to help you find health cover

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There are many types of health insurances, one of which is called private health insurance.

  • Ascertain what your health requirements may be.
  • Compare quotes from different providers to get the best cover for you.
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Visa Health Insurance

For Those who are moving to the UK, we can offer health insurance which is a legal requirement when moving here. Get a Free quote today from us.

Student Health Insurance

Whether your coming to the UK to learn or already in the Uk, Try Compare Offers the cheapest Student Health Insurance for your needs. Get a Free quote from us and compare the whole UK market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Private Health Insurance?

Private Health insurance (PHI) also known as private medical insurance (PMI) can cover the costs of private medical treatment for a diagnosed acute illness. It can provide an alternative to using the NHS, typically offering quicker treatment by avoiding NHS waiting times. People who are referred to a specialist by a GP can wait many weeks, at times up to 18 weeks for a specialist appointment. The NHS faces a great deal of pressure to meet the healthcare demands of the nation and its resources are thinly stretched, healthcare insurance can help to relieve some of this burden from the NHS. You could provide the best healthcare to yourself and your family for as little as £20 per month by taking a private healthcare insurance policy.

Private health insurance premiums have different price points and levels of cover. You can decide which types of treatment you wish to be covered for, what the level of cover applied for that treatment is, and the hospital you desire the treatment to be carried out. You can also adjust the excess amount.

Why would you consider Private Health Insurance?

The most important benefit of buying private health insurance is that you get immediate access to private treatment as well as access to drugs and services not available on the NHS. There are other additional benefits to buying private health insurance;

Prompt access to healthcare

  • Quicker consultation and diagnosis
  • Quicker admission and comprehensive treatment with private consultants and hospitals
  • Avoiding NHS waiting times
  • Advanced treatment options, such as access to drugs not available through the NHS

Choice of healthcare

  • Up to 20,000 consultants to choose from
  • Over 400 hospitals to be treated at
  • Private ambulance transportation between hospitals
  • Overseas cover
  • Outpatient Physiotherapy

High-quality private clinic and hospital accommodation

  • Overnight stay in hospitals with privacy of ensuite rooms and facilities
  • Amenities with luxuries such as TV
  • Comfort and cleanliness
How much does Private Health Insurance cost?

The average cost for private health insurance premiums in the UK is £1,435 per year. However, the cost of private healthcare can vary depending on your circumstances;

Age – Age plays a large role in determining the cost of your insurance. The older you are the higher the chances of you requiring medical treatment and so the cost of cover increases.

Location – Where you live is also another deciding factor. The closer you are to a city, the more expensive healthcare generally is, and so the cost of insurance increases to reflect this.

Medical claims history – If you have any pre existing conditions that you wish to be included in a policy then your insurance cost will rise as a result. The types of health conditions you may have will also vary the cost.

Smoker or Non smoker? – Smokers carry a higher risk of becoming ill. If you are a smoker then you can expect to pay more for your insurance premium than a non smoker would.

Add-Ons? – The cost of your insurance will also depend on whether you decide to include additional options to add to your policy.

Level of cover – A basic health insurance cover will include in-patient treatment. However, if you need cover for out-patient treatments such as diagnosis and consultation, then the cost of your policy will be increased.

Amount of excess – Excess is the amount you pay towards your claim. You decide on this amount at the start of the policy. The higher the amount of excess, the lower the premium cost. Most excesses are only payable once per policy year per person.

Optional extras – All other medical treatments such as psychiatric, dental and optical are additional benefits which can be added to your policy for additional costs.

Always remember that the cheapest option available is not always the best for you. It is good practice to shop around for different quotes from a number of providers, seeking a balance between the right level of protection and the affordability of the policy.

Why choose Try Compare to provide your health insurance?

At Try Compare we compare quotes with all the leading health insurance companies in the UK, finding you the best deal available. Just click on the “get a free quote” button and supply us with some details about yourself, your medical history and the level of cover you want. Our insurance brokers will find quotes tailored to your needs so that you are insured correctly. They may also email you insurance quotes directly and contact you for further information, so be sure to supply your details correctly. Tracking down the right health insurance can be a challenge. Let us do the work for you and find you the best deal with the best provider. Get Your FREE Quote Today: www.trycompare.co.uk.