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Courier Insurance

With the continued rise of e-commerce, courier companies have experienced a period of rapid expansion. These courier companies play an important role in the business sector, providing the crucial link between commerce and customer. Receiving items without the need to have to venture anywhere is a very positive consumer experience. Behind the technology and infrastructure there is of course a human. Delivery people are the ones keeping business’ running, providing face-to-face contact with customers.

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Delivery of parcels, vital medical supplies, electronics etc, are all part of a day’s work of a courier. Courier drivers spend comparatively more time on the road, meeting deadlines, and travelling to unfamiliar locations. Factors such as these do increase the likelihood of being involved in an incident that may result in an insurance claim. Standard motor insurance policies do not cover a courier whilst they are working and they must take out specific courier insurance. Try Compare provides quotes for courier insurance from a wide range of providers. With the help of specialists, we’ll help to compare courier insurance deals for you and find you the right level of cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes courier insurance differ?

Courier insurance is a specific form of cover that is needed if you are delivering goods in return for payment. It also covers goods being transited against possible loss, theft or damage.

What factors affect the cost of courier insurance premiums?
  • Long hours driving and travelling to new locations put you at a higher risk, increasing the premium for your courier insurance.
  • Couriers require large vehicles to transport goods. Larger vehicles fall in higher insurance groups, again resulting in higher premiums for your courier insurance.
  • In addition to standard courier insurance cover, you may also require additional insurance products, such as public liability insurance, employers liability insurance, and goods in transit insurance.
  • The higher the value of the goods you transport, the higher your premium price.
  • Age of the driver – a young driver with less driving experience is considered to have higher inherent risk than one with many years of driving experience – thus increasing the premium price further.
As well as standard courier insurance what additional cover is there available?

Additional cover is often required to give your business that extra protection. It may be a good investment to consider additional courier insurance products that offer you a higher level of protection.

  • Public liability insurance can protect your business from claims made against your business.
  • Employer’s liability insurance compensates for any claims arising from your employees.
  • Goods in transit insurance protects goods against loss, damage or theft whilst in transit.
  • Breakdown cover to protect you from being stuck at the roadside and to get you back up and running again.
  • Excess protection to cover you against any excess fees you may have to pay in the event of a claim.
Why do I need courier insurance?

Higher risks as a road user associated with courier services are reflected in insurance premium prices, but finding cheap courier insurance need not be impossible.  Companies such as Try Compare exist to give you specialist help and guidance, searching for quotes from a list of providers to find you the best deal.  

Often, goods being delivered are small items such as documents, medical samples, equipment, online purchases etc. Many of these items will have a high value and that’s an area where the benefit of courier specific insurance is highlighted, covering any loss of cargo.

You require courier insurance to:

  • Protect your personal work vehicle from accidents you cause.
  • Compensate a third party for any injury caused to them directly because of you.
  • Cover any loss of goods due to theft.
  • Compensate any damage inflicted on a third party vehicle.

Not having courier insurance to save you from any of the above instances, has the potential to leave you seriously out of pocket. You could also end up suffering legal repercussions from a third party if your insurance is found to be inadequate. Basic courier insurance can protect you from any damage to goods, the loss of goods, or damage sustained to your vehicle in the event of an accident. Additional cover also exists that can protect you further.

Why should I buy through Try Compare?

Try Compare’s quick and easy to find comparison quotes ensure customers get the right product for them. We supply quotes from leading insurance providers and can find the cheapest courier insurance for you. Our courier insurance premium quotes start from as little as £12 per month. Our forms are easy and quick to complete and our insurance brokers are all FCA regulated.

How can I get courier insurance from Try Compare?

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Does Courier Insurance provide cover for food delivery?

It’s sometimes called hire and reward insurance and is a totally separate insurance product. However, you can also compare food delivery insurance with Try Compare.