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HGV’s play a vital role in business today and the UK’s supply network relies heavily on them. HGV’s however can give a somewhat negative impression to the general public, due to their inevitable large size, emissions and sense of unease they can induce. The truth is, whilst most HGV’s are very safe vehicles, when an accident does occur they have the potential to do much greater damage than the average family car.

HGV Driver Insurance

As a result of this, HGV insurance premiums are obviously higher than the average family car. Based on research conducted in 2013, around 6,092 HGV accidents took place in the UK. Though HGV’s make up only 10% of the total traffic, one in five fatal crashes involved an HGV. This is a worrying statistic which demonstrates how capable HGV’s are of producing deadly consequences. Because of the higher risks associated with HGV’s, it’s even more important to make sure that an HGV driver is properly insured.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HGV insurance?

HGV insurance is a form of commercial insurance policy that is suitable for trucks that are used for business purposes such as deliveries, collections and transportation. It is specifically designed to cover vehicles that are 7.5 tonnes and above. This insurance not only provides protection against damage or loss of the truck, but it also covers the cab, trailer and the driver. Any third party injury, death or damage to property is also covered by this policy. This is the minimum cover provided, however driving an HGV will require further protection to be insured against third party claims. HGV insurance can cover international travel too. It is important that you select the correct level of cover and choose the exact locations that you need coverage for.

What is the best way to buy HGV insurance?

No matter how safe you are, or the level of safety precautions you take to avoid accidents, you can never be too safe on the road. Accidents may result from the negligence of another vehicle on the road. The only way to protect yourself in the event of an accident is to take HGV insurance for your heavy goods vehicle. Other forms of commercial vehicle insurance may not cover your HGV use, as the law states that you are required to have appropriate cover. HGV insurance not only compensates for any third party liabilities but also covers you for any costs that result from damage reparation.

Why you are required to have HGV insurance:

  • The law states that it is mandatory – You must have at least one liability-only policy to meet any third party liabilities caused by your truck. You are obliged to obtain relevant insurance for your vehicle, if you drive an HGV then in this case it’s HGV insurance that you require. You can take out comprehensive cover that will protect your truck and yourself as the driver.
  • It will cover you for any unplanned losses – To protect your business and your fleet (which is a company asset) in the event of unforeseen events, it is essential to have HGV insurance.
  • Protect from financial loss – Covers you for any losses faced. Any potential downtime is covered so that you can compensate your business.
What are the differences between an LGV and an HGV?

LGV’s have a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes – this includes passengers, fuel and cargo. These are lightweight vehicles such as pick-up trucks and vans, and can be driven using a standard driving licence. HGV’s on the other hand have a minimum weight of 7.5 tonnes. HGVs such as arctic trucks and lorries with more than two axles are widely used for commercial transportation and haulage purposes. To drive such vehicles you need an enhanced licence. Insurers usually cap HGV insurance policy at 44 tonnes.

What are the different policies you can have for HGV insurance?

HGV insurance provides the same level of cover as a standard car insurance.

Comprehensive cover – This is one of the highest levels of insurance policy and covers everything including third party liabilities, fire and theft as well as damage to your vehicle.

Third party only – Is the minimum level of cover required by law in the UK. This policy pays only for third party injuries and damages to vehicles, their passengers and their property. It does not cover injuries to you or damages to your vehicle, or if your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire.

Third party, fire and theft – In addition to third party injuries and damages, this policy compensates if your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire.

In addition to the above, there are optional add-ons available for HGV insurance

Goods in Transit Insurance – Your vehicle is not the only thing that may require insurance. It’s important to consider your cargo too. With goods in transit insurance, any loss or damage of goods is covered by the insurer.

Breakdown Cover – Making timely deliveries, and keeping your vehicle safely on the road is key to the HGV industry. A breakdown can seriously disrupt your operations. With specialist HGV breakdown cover your vehicle will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Extra Trailers – This is insurance for any additional trailers you may wish to add to your lorry or trucks when carrying additional cargo.

There are also options for European cover, Legal Cover, Hazardous goods cover and Public liability cover.

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