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What do you need to know.

Classic cars and Vintage vehicles are more than just cars you drive around on a day to day basis. They are a Hobby, A passion for a lot of people who spend a lot of money and time investing in them. This is why you often need classic car insurance policies to protect them against damage or risk of theft.

  • Generally speaking Classic and Vintage car insurance is normally not as expensive as the consumer thinks. Because of the reduced mileage these cars undertake insurers see this as reduced risk.
  • Most hobbyists and prestige collectors take very good care to maintain a higher standard of their classic cars than what the average person would with an everyday run around.

So is my car a classic car?

Cars that are pre 1960 are exempt from road tax but here are some factors that take into account to determine if your car is a classic car.

  • A classic car can be any car that is older than 15 years. These are classed as modern classic cars despite their age.
  • Primarily its down to the insurance company to advise if they class it as a classic car or not.

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