About Us

Why Choose Us?

Try Compare is a compare insurance quotes platform for customers and businesses across the UK. Our aim is to ensure that you receive the cheapest and best prices for your insurance products.

The way we do this is by allowing our customers to fill out very quick two-minute forms which are then submitted to full FCA regulated Insurance Brokers. When they receive your details they will pair what you have input with the right provider, not only getting you the cheapest deal, but they will also make sure you are insured correctly.

If you are a Convicted DriverMotor TraderMinibus drivertaxi driver or have a commercial property that needs insurance, these insurance policies are much more complex and you will need a specialist to assist with your quotes. Compare Insurance Quotes with us today – select from our drop-down menus.

What is Try Compare?

We are a lead generation website that helps customers source insurance quotations from leading insurance companies in the UK. This is done by passing your information onto a select amount of brokers who will contact you to find out more information about you and what you want to insure.

Will you directly provide me my insurance quotes?

At Try Compare we are only a distributor of information to help find you the best quotations, our panel of brokers will be giving you the quotes direct which will help you compare the cheapest insurance prices out there.

So how does Try Compare earn its money?

As a comparison website, we charge insurance brokers a set fee for the information you provide.

Does this cost me any money? 

Try Compare is completely free for the consumer to use and it does not cost you any money to get the quotes that you need. The Fees we charge the brokers comes directly from them and in no way effects you.

Will i save more money moving than staying with my current provider?

This question can only be answered by submitting a quote form. Brokers will assess your needs and match you with the best possible insurers. At no point will you be forced to switch and 9 times out of 10 they can match or beat your insurance quote or better your policy.

Will i save more money moving than staying What type of insurance do you specialize in?