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What can I cover under commercial property owners insurance?

If you are looking for a comprehensive commercial property insurance cover then you will want to look at the following.

  • Buildings cover
  • Loss of rent
  • Landlords contents
  • Employers liability
  • Fire and theft
  • Owners liability

All the above are important covers for commercial owners which can be included in your commercial property insurance.

What do insurance providers factor in when taking out commercial property insurance?

  • Location – If you have a property in the middle of a city with good fire protection, these typically cost less to insure because there is less risk of fire spreading as quickly as someone who has a commercial property in the middle of nowhere.
  • Construction of the property – If you have a building made of highly flammable or combustible material then this will increase the cost of your insurance and may not get your building insured at all. If you have a Building made of fire resistible material this could get you savings on your insurance.
  • Occupancy – What is the building being used for? Is it just an office or is it a restaurant. The higher the risk of fire or damage the more expensive again those premiums are going to be.
  • Systems in place – Do you have sprinklers or fire alarms around the building. Have you got an up to date and working security system.

What Buildings do insurance providers class as commercial properties?

  • Unoccupied Properties
  • Block of Commercial Flats
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Warehouse
  • Shop
  • Shopping centre
  • Warehouse
  • Mansion
  • Offices
  • Flats
  • Converted flats
  • Purpose Built flats
  • Industrial unit