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What is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance is a type of cover to insure a multiple amount of vehicles that you have in your possession. This could be for your business or personal use. Generally this can be a pain if you’re a business owner of multiple vehicles trying to insure lots of vehicles individually. That’s why Fleet insurance can be so much more hassle free with just a few bits of information to give to the insurers, all your vehicles can be insured under one roof.

How many vehicles do you class as a fleet?

In most instances, each insurance company is different on the maximum and minimum. A fleet can consist of anywhere from 3 vehicles up to 50+.

What type of vehicles can I insure under fleet insurance?

  • Fleet Vans
  • Fleet Lorry’s and HGV’s
  • Fleet Minibus
  • Fleet Taxi Private Hire
  • Fleet Taxi Public Hire
  • Fleet Haulage
  • Fleet Ambulances
  • Fleet Motor Bikes
  • Fleet LGV (up to a maximum of 3.5 tonnes)
  • Fleet Cars
  • Fleet Courier
  • Fleet Bus And Coaches

These are just some examples but there are many more.

Key Benefits For Fleet Insurance

  • Save Money With The More Vehicles You Have
  • Flexible Driver Options from 1 driver to unlimited drivers
  • All vehicles are insured under one roof
  • Can add and remove vehicles from one policy and easier to manage
  • Build up fleet claims experience to get cheaper prices at renewal

How Much Is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance can vary depending on a couple of factors, This includes how many vehicles you want to insure for your fleet, the types of vehicles you want to insure, the type of occupation your vehicles are being used in along with more factors.