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What Is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance is a type of insurance cover appropriate for business owners that use two or more cars in their posession and for their work to ensure that they’re all covered. Generally this can be a pain if you’re a business owner of multiple vehicles trying to insure lots of vehicles individually. That’s why Fleet insurance can be so much more hassle free with just a few bits of information to give to the insurers, all your vehicles can be insured under one roof. Individually insuring each car on a separate policy might be a logistical headache, but that’s where motor fleet insurance can assist. You can rest easy knowing that your whole fleet of vehicles is protected with this type of auto insurance policy.

Instead of insuring individual vehicles in a fleet, fleet insurance allows you to cover many vehicles under one policy. Fleet insurance is the simplest method for a large business with a large number of cars on the road to ensure that all of them are regularly insured. Plus, instead of each vehicle having a distinct renewal date, there’s just one renewal date for all your cars. The same coverage options are available for fleet insurance as with conventional auto insurance, including third party only, fully comprehensive, as well as third party, theft and fire policies. A fleet is defined as two or more automobiles. This definition is typically accepted by most insurers.

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Is Fleet Insurance Mandatory?

You can’t leave a car unprotected on the road, and fleet insurance is available for all sorts of companies and vehicles. Fleet insurance policies are a type of auto insurance policy designed for the purpose of insuring several vehicles. Trucking, bus, and taxi companies may purchase fleet insurance. Fleet insurance may assist large fleets to save money on insurance premiums. Although a mini fleet insurance policy may be more suitable for smaller fleets.

Is Fleet Insurance Available to Anyone?

A fleet insurance is available to most individuals who own two or more automobiles. However, there are several standards that must be met in order to be considered. These are some of them:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • Be able to provide specifics about your fleet.
  • Be able to share information about your company.

How many vehicles do you class as a fleet?

In most instances, each insurance company is different on the maximum and minimum. A fleet can consist of anywhere from 3 vehicles up to 50+. The maximum number of vehicles covered by a fleet policy will be individually determined by insurers. However, depending on the kind of company they wish to cover, each provider will have their own minimum and maximum limitations. Before you buy insurance, double-check the size of your fleet and that you are taking out the right cover for the number of vehicles in your fleet.

What type of vehicles can I insure under fleet insurance?

  • Fleet Vans
  • Fleet Lorry’s and HGV’s
  • Fleet Minibus
  • Fleet Taxi Private Hire
  • Fleet Taxi Public Hire
  • Fleet Haulage
  • Fleet Ambulances
  • Fleet Motor Bikes
  • Fleet LGV (up to a maximum of 3.5 tonnes)
  • Fleet Cars
  • Fleet Courier
  • Fleet Bus And Coaches

These are just some examples but there are many more.

Different Types of Fleet Insurance Coverage

All sorts of vehicles, including automobiles, vans, and lorries, may be covered by fleet insurance. You may also purchase insurance that is specifically tailored to your industry. The different types of fleet insurance coverage includes:

  • Third party only: This is the bare minimum of insurance coverage needed by law. It solely protects you for third-party property damage and responsibility for other people’s injuries, which includes vehicle passengers.
  • Third party, fire, and theft: This type of insurance coverage is a step up from third party only coverage. This insures all of the same things, but it additionally includes coverage for fire and theft damage.
  • Comprehensive coverage: With this type of fleet insurance you will be covered for everything mentioned above and more. Your cars are protected for all accidents, even those caused by your drivers. In addition, you may be protected for windshield damage, accidental damage, medical expenses, and personal items.
  • Liability coverage: Some fleet insurance companies may give additional liability coverage. Any company owner, particularly those with a significant number of cars and drivers, needs employers liability and public liability insurance. In addition, legal expenses, which are often quite expensive, may also be covered by public liability insurance.
  • Breakdown assistance – Some fleet insurance carriers include breakdown assistance coverage in their quotes. This is another helpful feature for insuring groups of cars and keeping them on the road. If a vehicle in your fleet is stuck after a breakdown, the costs to repair or replace it may be fully or partially covered by your insurer.
  • Coverage for driving In Europe: Does your fleet company operate outside of the UK’s borders? You can’t afford to be without this level of coverage if you have automobiles that travel across Europe.

How Can You Save Money on Fleet Insurance?

If you implement the following strategies, it may be possible to secure a more competitive rate. The most crucial step is to get as many quotations as possible. If you purchase insurance from the first insurance company you come across, you can’t be sure whether the offer is worthwhile or not. But seeking quotes from several insurance companies is not the only way to save money on fleet insurance coverage.

Another tried and tested strategy is to pay for your insurance annually. This approach is typically less expensive than paying monthly premiums. If you opt to pay a higher excess your insurance premium may be reduced. If these approaches are not feasible solutions for your business, there is still more that can be done.

While auto-renewing insurance is convenient, there’s always the risk that you’ll miss out on better deals elsewhere. Before your coverage expires each year, shop around for a better deal.
Taking the necessary security precautions to ensure that the vehicles in your fleet policy are secure can also save a considerable amount of money. Some insurance companies may offer lower prices if you have taken steps to secure your fleet. This can be done by using off-street parking and installing alarms.

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Key Benefits For Fleet Insurance

  • Save Money With The More Vehicles You Have
  • Flexible Driver Options from 1 driver to unlimited drivers
  • All vehicles are insured under one roof
  • Can add and remove vehicles from one policy and easier to manage
  • Build up fleet claims experience to get cheaper prices at renewal

How Much Is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet Insurance can vary depending on a couple of factors, This includes how many vehicles you want to insure for your fleet, the types of vehicles you want to insure, the type of occupation your vehicles are being used in along with more factors.

How Can Try Compare Help You Get Affordable Fleet Insurance?

Try Compare will connect you with a variety of fleet insurance companies that can give you a quotation for your complete fleet of cars in just a few clicks.

We deal with the UK’s main fleet insurance providers, assisting over 100,000 customers each year in obtaining insurance, and we will ensure that we secure the most cost-effective fleet insurance policy possible. We want you to be properly insured at Try Compare, therefore it’s critical that you acquire the appropriate coverage for the right price.