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Impounded Vehicle Insurance

Impound Vehicle Insurance is when your car has been seized due to any number of reasons. This could be due to having no insurance or causing a car related offense or even not taxing your vehicle. There are many reasons why your car might be impounded. Most Vehicles will be scrapped if you do not get your car out of the impound within 2 weeks. Try Compare can Compare can find both short term 30 day policies as well as long term policies to insure your vehicle from the impound and back on the road.

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Short Term Cover For Impounded Vehicle Insurance

With Try Compare you do not have to have an annual policy to get your vehicle released from an impound. We have insurance partners who can offer temporary 30 day policies just for this job. After your vehicle has been released you can also opt to have full term policies at a cheaper rate as generally speaking having a car impounded can affect your vehicle insurance prices. At Try Compare We have Insurance partners who can compare the best prices out there for you.

Do I Need Impounded Vehicle Insurance?

It is a legal requirement that you get your car or van insured if you are driving on public roads. You can get impound insurance to get your car out of an impound if it has been seized.

What Vehicles Do You Cover With Impound Vehicle Insurance

We cover all types of vehicles see the list below

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • HGV
  • Vans under 7.5 Tonne
  • Motorbikes and Mopeds
  • Caravans

My Car Has Been Seized What Do I Do?

If your vehicle has been seized it can be a worry, it is also very important to understand the consequences that fall alongside your vehicle being seized. You may face points on your licence, you may have to go to court, you more than likely will have to pay penalty charges, and you could also be banned from driving depending how serious the offense was.

Will This Have An Impact On My Normal Vehicle insurance?

If any of the above has happened then yes it will more than likely increase your vehicle insurance premiums. This is why it’s imperative to speak to one of our Insurance partners who can point you in the right direction. Its free to get an insurance quote for impounded vehicle insurance as well as long term insurance.

Is There Any Documents I Need To Get My Vehicle Out?

Depending who has seized your vehicle you will be given between 7 and 14 days to get your vehicle out of the impound, the documents you will need are the following

  • Proof Of Ownership Such As V5C Log Book
  • Certificate Of Impounded Vehicle Insurance Or Your Normal Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  • A Valid MOT Certificate Or A Letter Of Appointment If One Is Booked In
  • Proof The Vehicle Is Taxed
  • ID Such As Passport Or Driving Licence

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Why does the police seize uninsured vehicles?

Under section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, the Police have the power to seize any vehicle that is being driven without a valid vehicle insurance policy or where the vehicle driver does not hold a valid driving licence.

What other reasons could my vehicle be seized and impounded?

According to the West Yorkshire Police website, there are several other reasons why your vehicle might be seized and impounded.

  • Careless driving
  • Unlicensed Driver
  • Drivers who fail to stop when requested by a uniformed officer
  • Obstruction or Dangerous to Other Road Users
  • For Use as Evidence
  • Road Tax Offences
  • Statutory Off Road Notice (SORN)
  • Foreign-Registered Vehicles (FRVs)
What could happen to a vehicle that is left in impound for so long?

If you can’t get your vehicle out of the impound within 14 days it is likely to be sold or crushed for scrap. You will not receive anything for it and you’re also likely to receive a bill for its disposal. You are also still liable for any costs such as towing and storage costs, which increase day by day.