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What is Home insurance and do I need it?

There are two forms of Home insurance, The first being the fabrication of the property this would include fixtures and fittings to the building so, in other words, the bricks and mortar. Some insurance companies will cover for accidents when you are away from your home as well as when at home. Legal Services can also be an additional option.

The second part of Property Insurance is the Contents. This would cover Loss or Damage to your contents, New for old replacements if your contents get damaged or destroyed or Stolen, Personal Money being stolen even outbuildings and the garden will be covered.

Property Insurance isn’t just for homeowners. Tenants can also purchase Home insurance for their contents.

Ways of Saving money with Home insurance

  • Do not over-insure yourself. You only need to cover up to the maximum house value or mortgage value
  • Pay Annually for your Property Insurance this can save up to 10% which is more than the banks currently give.
  • Apply for a Voluntary Excess
  • Have good security
  • Compare with us so we can give you a choice of providers to pick from.