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Minibus insurance

Compare Minibus insurance from insurance specialists today. You may drive a minibus to transport passengers for trips or the minibus may be used to transport children to school. Whatever the reason we can help you find insurance for your minibus insurance. To Drive a minibus in the Uk its important to understand you do need to have the correct minibus insurance. You cannot drive a minibus on a normal car insurance policy.

There are other factors you have to take into account depending on what you use the minibus for. If you drive the minibus for private hire or carry passengers for a fee you would still need to have a valid taxi licence.

Types of minibus uses

  • Private hire – this type of person may use the minibus for their own use but also use the minibus to carry passengers to and from airports or other journeys. You would need to make sure that you have the correct minibus insurance policy for this.
  • Carriage of passengers – this type of minibus use could be for non paying passengers such as scout groups, care home residents, organisations, sports clubs and other groups of individuals. This is when the organisation pays for the service instead of the individual passengers.
  • Contract Hire – this type of minibus use is for school trips, work events where you are going from one event to another.

What is classed as a minibus?

A Minibus would typically have between 9 and 16 seats. If you have more than 16 seats this would then be classed as a coach which you can click here for a quote. Due to the nature of carrying multiple passengers its important to understand that minibus insurance can cost more than your general car insurance and its good to compare with all our insurance providers to get the best rate.

How can Try Compare help you get cheaper minibus insurance.

We work with the UK leading Minibus Insurance providers, we help over 100,000 people a year find insurance and will make sure that we obtain the cheapest minibus insurance policy available along with the most effective policy. At Try compare we want you to be covered correctly and its important you get the right policy for the right money.