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Catering Van Insurance

Catering Van and Trailer Insurance: Introduction

If you’re hoping to start a catering van business, be it in the heart of a bustling city centre, or a tranquil farmers market, you will need to make sure that you and your business is protected. For this reason, you’ll need to take out catering van and trailer insurance.

Catering insurance may provide cover for both cold food catering and hot food catering. The following food vans or trailers may be insured under catering van and trailer policies:

  • Insurance for burger and hot dog vans
  • Insurance for burger trailers
  • Insurance for burger vans
  • Insurance for catering trailers
  • Insurance for catering vans
  • Insurance for coffee trailers
  • Insurance for coffee vans
  • Insurance for concession trailers
  • Insurance for concession vans
  • Insurance for the fish and chips trailers
  • Insurance for a fish and chip vans
  • Insurance for mobile caterers
  • Insurance for mobile catering trailers
  • Insurance for a mobile business
  • Insurance for sandwich trailers
  • Insurance for a sandwich van
  • Insurance for vending trailers

What Is the Definition of Catering Van Insurance?

If you own a catering van, you must get the appropriate amount of protection. A basic van insurance coverage won’t cut it since it doesn’t cover the dangers that come with working with the public, especially when it comes to providing food. Liability claims and business disruption are both covered by a decent catering van insurance policy.

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What Types of Cover Can Catering Van And Trailer Insurance Include?

When you own a mobile catering business, you may acquire coverage for all areas of your company. This implies that in addition to acquiring coverage for road accidents, you may also acquire coverage for your stock and equipment, as well as liability claims from the general public and your workers.

There are different types of coverage available for static catering as well as mobile catering businesses. The types of coverages are:

  • Business interruption cover
  • Caterers liability cover
  • Catering trailer and catering van cover
  • Employers liability cover
  • Inventory cover
  • Legal expenses
  • Public liability cover

Cover Your Catering Vehicle: Catering Van Insurance

There are various insurance coverages for the purpose of protecting your most valuable business asset: Your catering vehicle. Make sure you understand what is covered under each to make an informed decision of what you’ll need.

The most important types of cover that you need are:

  • Breakdown cover: This is usually a good form of insurance to have, especially if you depend on your car to generate an income. Most insurance companies will offer you the option of including breakdown coverage in your policy.
  • Fully comprehensive cover: A fully comprehensive coverage will cover your van in the event of any form of accident, even those in which you are at fault. It’s worth noting that if you have any staff that you’d want to be permitted to drive the car, you’ll need to identify them on the insurance.
  • Third party, fire, and theft cover: This type of coverage covers fire damage and theft of your car, as well coverage to compensate others following an accident where you are at fault.
  • Third party only cover: This is the most basic level of coverage available for your car in order to keep it on the road. If you cause an accident and are found to be at fault, it will compensate other drivers.

Cover Your Catering Vehicle: Liability Cover

The different types of liability cover includes:

  • Employer’s liability cover: Employers’ liability insurance is required if you have any workers, even if they are merely part-time. This type of liability cover will help cover costs if a compensation claim is made by an employee.
  • Legal costs cover: If you choose to defend a liability suit rather than pay out, legal fees may rapidly pile up. That’s why including this to your policy is a good idea.
  • Public liability cover: Liability insurance for the public – When you deal with the public, especially when offering food and drink, liability claims are often a possibility. When you own a food truck, there are a variety of occurrences that might result in liability claims.

Cover Your Catering Vehicle: Additional Cover

The following types of insurance coverages are merely optional, although it is best to ensure that you’ve covered all your bases, especially as a business owner. Additional cover includes:

  • Business interruption cover: To cover you for loss of income during a time where you are unable to carry out business as normal due to unexpected circumstances.
  • Personal accident cover: To provide a pay out in the event you suffer a serious injury, become permanently disabled or die as a result of an accident. The pay outs typically vary in amounts and depends on the level of cover.
  • Stock cover: To secure your inventory and equipment, a catering van coverage might help. This is especially handy for replacing pricey equipment that has degraded or been damaged accidentally.

What Does Catering Van and Trailer Insurance Cost?

A catering van’s monthly insurance premium is determined by looking at a few factors. The factors typically based on the following:

  • The amount of coverage you would like to have
  • Your van or trailer’s market worth
  • Where your vehicle is parked most nights
  • Whether or not your vehicle is secure, and the measures used to safeguard the vehicle.

Guidelines To Help You Save On Your Insurance

Obtain a large number of quotations. When trying to cut costs on catering van insurance, getting quotes from a variety of different insurance companies is usually a good idea. It will make it simple for you to compare the quotations you get and choose the one that offers the most value for money. The best place to find and compare catering van and trailer insurance is the Try Compare website. In just a few minutes, you’ll receive personalised insurance quotations from FCA regulated brokers.

Like most people, you probably try to split the cost of insurance by paying for it monthly. This is understandable, however most insurers will give you a considerable discount if you pay for your coverage in advance on an annual basis. Consider getting a quote for the annual fee, and setting aside a little bit of money each month to make it easier on your finances when you pay the yearly lump sum.

How Can Try Compare Help?

Try Compare Helps 1000s of customer a day find insurance through our easy to use Insurance Forms. With a click of a button and just some basic information we can filter the right policy to your needs and pass on your details to our panel of insurance providers to do the hard work for you. Getting Catering Van Insurance has never been easier.

Types Of Catering Vans And Trailers

  • Food Carts Insurance
  • Food Trucks Insurance
  • Food Trailers Insurance
  • Bustaurant Insurance
  • Catering Trailer Insurance
  • Ice Cream Vans and Trailers Insurance
  • Burger Vans and Trailers Insurance
  • Hot Dog Vans and Trailers Insurance
  • Cold Food Vans and Trailers Insurance

What Can A Catering Van And Trailer Insurance Policy Cover?

If you serve any sort of food from a catering van which can include hot and cold food, ice cream vans, takeaway food it’s important you are fully insured in the UK. If you’re unsure what type of insurance your business needs, why not fill in one of Try Compare’s quick and easy forms? Our insurance panel will find you the cheapest quotes by comparing the whole of the market.

There are different cover types for catering trailers. You could cover the contents of the trailer and you might also consider taking out public liability insurance to get fully protected. You can cover the trailer itself and the staff. Chat with our friendly advisors to find out more information and get a quote.

Catering Van And Trailer Insurance Cover

We insure all types of catering vans. We can get you quotes for both mobile and static (fixed) catering vans. Our insurance providers will insure your catering vans & its fixtures and fittings against the below but is not limited to:

  • Loss
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Public Liability
  • Employer Liability
  • Contents Cover
  • Goods In Transit

Who Does Try Compare Work With To Find Insurance Quotes?

Try Compare has a specialist panel of a variety of insurers for a variety of insurance. They do the hard work for you to find your quotes. All it takes is a short form fill. A specialist insurance provider will give you a call to discuss your needs.