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Food Courier Insurance

With technology enabling you to order your food online, and even more restaurants offering takeaway services the food delivery sector has entered a new phase. Many customers are changing their habits, finding that they prefer to eat at home than to travel to a restaurant. This increasing demand for delivery falls upon the shoulders of food delivery drivers. In 2019, the total food delivery market was around £8.5 billion, all made possible with online technology.

Fast Food Delivery Insurance

This expansion is expected to continue, growing by 12% every year through to 2023. With the current pandemic, and the government imposing stricter measures on our movement, the demand for food delivery drivers has increased further. The job offers quick and reliable money for drivers, but what’s often overlooked is insurance. What many are not aware of is that you must have specific insurance for delivering food, otherwise your insurer may not pay out in the event of an accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is food delivery insurance?

Food delivery insurance is an insurance policy specially designed for the food delivery industry. In the place of a standard auto insurance policy, Food delivery insurance is specific cover for the food delivery industry that provides you with the correct level of protection during your work. This insurance will cover you for journeys you make from the place of business all the way to the customer’s door. One of the requirements of a food delivery driver is efficiency. They are under constant pressure to deliver food before it gets cold – with food delivery insurance at least there is one less thing to worry about.

What does Try Compare need to get me a food delivery insurance quote?

There are a few details we need, but it won’t take long to get you a quote! We list the information you need below:

  • Your Trading Name – If applicable
  • The insurance cover type you need
  • A policy start date
  • How long you’ve held your driving licence
  • The amount of food delivery fleet vehicle(s) you have including:
    • Cars
    • Motorbikes or mopeds
    • Vans
    • Other vehicles
  • The value of the vehicle or vehicles you have for your food delivery services
  • The policy holder’s information:
    • Their name
    • contact information – to discuss the quotes
    • postal code – to find suitable quotes in their area

That’s all! It’s easy to compare with Try Compare for your Food Delivery insurance quotes.

Do you need food delivery insurance to deliver food?

As per road traffic laws in the UK, it is important that you have the correct level of cover while on the road. If you are being paid for delivering food, then the car you drive is no longer being used for a personal journey, but for a business purpose. A standard vehicle insurance is not legally suitable for food delivery services. In the event of a claim, your standard car insurance will not cover you and your insurance will become invalidated.

This could mean that you’re liable for all costs arising. Not only that, you may end up collecting penalty points on your licence, fines or even prison time. Your future insurance premiums would then also likely rise because of these penalties. Therefore, ensure that you have food delivery insurance because even if you are using your personal car to deliver food, you are still required to have food delivery insurance. Food delivery insurance is often not provided by mainstream insurance providers, due to the risks associated with the work.

Finding insurance is a case of going to an insurance broker with access to specialist cover, who can compare different quotes for you. Try Compare is an insurance comparison website which has over 30 insurance brokers that helps food delivery drivers find them the best deal available.

How can I keep my insurance costs down?

There are a number of factors that can bring down the cost of food delivery insurance;

Make and model of your vehicle – Food insurance sticks to the same principles as standard car insurance does. The bigger the engine of the car, the higher the cost of your insurance premium. Also the cost to replace your vehicle will affect the price of insurance.

Type of insurance cover – Additional cover increases the cost of your insurance. Some added extras to your policy may be important to your type of work, so you’ll need to decide what you really need your policy to offer you.

Level of excess – Taking a higher voluntary excess can help you reduce the cost of your insurance.

Lesser mileage – Opting for a lesser mileage allowance will make it clear to your insurer that you intend to drive less. Less driving means a lesser premium price.

Driving at hazardous times – Food delivery services are usually made during darkness. At night the risks on the road increases, and so will insurance premiums. Driving during the daytime can reduce the cost.

What are the types of food delivery insurance that I can get?

There are three main types of food delivery insurance:

Comprehensive – This is the most comprehensive level of insurance policy you can buy and it covers everything that’s covered by a third party, fire and theft policy, as well as covering damage to your vehicle (even if it is your fault). You can claim for repair of your vehicle due to an accident, damage or vandalism. It offers the best level of protection of the three.

Third party only – It is the minimum level of cover required by law in the UK. This policy pays only for third party injuries and damages sustained to their vehicles and property. It does not cover injuries to you or damages to your vehicle, or cover you if your vehicle is stolen or destroyed in a fire.

Third party, fire and theft – In addition to third party injuries and damages, this policy compensates you if your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire. However if your vehicle is damaged you will have to pay for it yourself.

What are the additional covers I can consider for food delivery insurance?

Your employer may not always provide you with the full insurance cover you might like. In this instance you can purchase add-ons to your policy that give you enhanced protection.

Collision – This covers the cost to repair your car for any damage sustained due to an accident.

Downtime loss – Provides you with income for any valuable time lost due to an accident.

Rental reimbursement – You’ll be reimbursed for the cost of a rental car, allowing you to continue making deliveries in the event that your vehicle is off the road.

Roadside assistance – Provides you with quick assistance in the event that you breakdown on the road. Assistance provided could involve fuel delivery, a battery jump start or a flat tire change.

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