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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is to cover medical expenses, travel cancellation or delays. Policies will tend to cover baggage and personal liability as standard while you are travelling. Depending where you are travelling depends on the type of cover you will need and what activities and how long you are travelling for. You can have travel insurance for a single trip, multiple trips or just for backpacking.

Why do I need travel insurance?

When abroad accidents do happen as well as travel delays and lost items and theft. All these can be very costly especially medical bills. We have to take into account how much medical bills cost for example recently a lady went abroad while pregnant to the USA and ended up giving birth prematurely in that country. She did not have medical insurance and her total bill cost was just over £200,000. She did not have the money to pay those bills and ended up having to set a fund page to try and re coup the costs. Its not just hospital and treatment costs you have to take into account.

What Extra insurance should I include in my travel policy?

  • Cancellation
  • Medical treatment
  • Public liability
  • Emergency repatriation (Emergency transport)
  • Theft
  • Loss of baggage
  • Legal costs
  • Loss of personal possessions
  • Electrical equipment costs such as phone e.g.

How long can I have travel insurance for?

Generally insurance providers cover anywhere from 1 day up to 180 days per year. If you are travelling for longer you will need to source a more comprehensive cover.

I need cover for Winter sports or Extreme sports.

Most Travel insurance providers can add winter or extreme sports as an extra, this generally is not included as a free add-on.

I have pre-existing medical problems can I still travel and will I be covered?

It is a must that you check the policy details around pre-existing conditions. Some travel providers are fine covering these as long as your GP advises you are fit to travel. Other insurance companies may charge more money to cover pre-existing conditions. In the worst case scenario some won’t cover you at all dependant on the condition.

What is the best type of travel policy for me?

  • Single trip – only going for one short trip
  • Worldwide – Flying outside the EU
  • Winter sports – Skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports
  • Cruise – Short or long cruise insurance
  • Family – covers all members on this plan
  • Couple – For two adults who live at the same address and in a relationship
  • Business Trip – Tailored Travel policy
  • Group – Travelling up to 10 people per trip
  • Multi trip – travelling to more than one location per year

What do I need to apply for travel insurance?

  • Make sure you have the dates on when you need to travel
  • Declare all medical conditions that you know of before buying
  • work out an average cost of your baggage items as some insurers will have limits on lost or stolen items.