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With the advancement of technology the hassle of hailing a taxi has been virtually eliminated with just a few swipes on a smartphone. You need only to input your collection point and destination for a taxi to be dispatched and on their way to your doorstep. Taxis and private hire services are a key component of the UK transport network, in London alone a staggering 450,000 taxi journeys are taken everyday. This has significant bearing on the British economy, contributes towards the public transport infrastructure and helps to facilitate social inclusion. Around £2.7 billion was spent by UK households on taxi and private hire journeys in 2012. Since 2017, the number of taxis on the road has increased to 285,400. In the UK taxis are designated into one of two categories; public hire taxis and private hire cars. Public hire taxis (often referred to as black cabs, or hackney cabs) can be hailed directly from the street, from a taxi rank, or pre-booked over the phone. Fares are usually charged by meter and are set by the local council. Private hire cars (usually termed minicabs) can only be pre booked over the phone, via a website or an App. The fare is usually a set cost for a specified journey and is determined by the company or driver.

Taxi Insurance

If you are a private hire car driver, you’ll need to have taxi insurance. Private hire insurance can cost around 70% more than your standard car. This is due in part to the fact that private-hire cars tend to be on the road much more than a standard privately owned car, covering more miles. The risk of being involved in an accident therefore increases and as ever with insurance; the higher the risk, the higher the cost. It’s good business practice to compare taxi insurance quotes from different insurance providers to find a policy that meets all your requirements, for the cheapest price. Standard taxi insurance will cover you for any third party loss of property, to persons or to vehicles. It also covers the vehicle and the driver in case of any accident, damage due to natural causes, vandalism and theft.

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Taxis relentlessly transport us around day in and day day out. With the increased use comes an increased chance of damage sustained to the vehicle, resulting in downtime and repair costs. Paying for these bills yourself, plus the loss of earnings whilst your vehicle is off the road can have a very negative impact on your business. To protect yourself from such losses taxi insurance is there to cover you. When you compare taxi insurance quotes with a number of different insurers you’ll see how much prices and cover can differ, making sure you find the best deal on cheap taxi insurance.

Cheap Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Compare quotes with Try Compare for the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed cheapest prices compared to buying directly from an insurer.
  • You can conveniently compare the premiums and benefits offered by multiple insurers all in the same place.
  • The quotes compared by us are unbiased with no affinity with a particular insurer.

We offer various forms of standard taxi insurance and private hire insurance on renewals for an existing policy, or when taking out a brand new insurance policy. With the help of our insurance brokers you can choose the insurer you want whilst comparing taxi insurance prices and their features.

As with all policies, you can choose the level of cover from; Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, or Fully Comprehensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What additional covers are available?

Public Liability – This cover protects you if a member of the public is injured or has their property damaged due to your actions.

Legal Cover – This insurance add-on covers you against any potential costs brought about by a third party taking legal action against you.

Breakdown Insurance – This insurance cover provides immediate help if your vehicle breaks down due to a vehicle fault (such as a puncture, flat battery etc). It gives you peace of mind that you won’t be left stranded and helpless in the event of a breakdown.

How can you save money on Taxi insurance?

When you’re seeking insurance for your vehicle, your home or your business, you always want to find the best deal available. As a taxi driver there are a number of situations that could occur that would result in you making an insurance claim.  When trying to look for cheap taxi insurance, there are factors that could reduce the cost to you;

  • Choose a low risk category vehicle, that’s one that is less expensive and / or has a less powerful engine.
  • Have greater driving experience and a clean driving record.
  • Install safety trackers to your car to prove to your insurers that you drive safely.
  • Increase your excess price.
  • Pay annually for your taxi insurance.
  • Have secure parking such as a driveway or a secure garage.
  • Avoid vehicle modifications as these increase the vehicle cost and risk of theft.
What is the legal minimum age you can obtain taxi insurance?

The minimum age for taxi insurance or private hire insurance is 21 years old. It is possible for a 19 year old to get taxi insurance but be sure to use a highly recommended provider to ensure the validity of the policy.

Can I use my Taxi for Personal Use?

Taxis can be used for personal use provided your insurer is aware. However you cannot add your spouse or partner to the policy, they would need to be a registered taxi driver to do so.

How can you get taxi insurance or private hire insurance with Try Compare?

It’s quick and easy to sort out your taxi insurance at Try Compare. Just fill out a form that takes two minutes and get a call from one of our insurance brokers who will match you with the right provider and insurance product. You’ll not only get the cheapest deal but also be certain that you are insured correctly. We save you time and money, ensuring you get the best deal available. Get Your FREE Quote Today: www.trycompare.co.uk.