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What can I expect Coach and Bus insurance to provide?

  • Driver and Passenger insurance – In the event of an accident both passengers and drivers will be covered
  • Vehicle cover – In the event of an accident we want to make sure that you have adequate cover in place. You can cover from Fully Comprehensive, Third party fire and theft and the minimum of third-party only
  • Public Liability – Protects you encase a member of the public is injured as a result of your coach or business
  • Professional Indemnity – Will protect you encase of a claim against you or your business for negligence or any wrongdoing
  • Windscreen Cover – will cover your coach or bus encase of stone chippings or cracked and damaged windscreens
  • Medical Cover – Provides cover encase of a medical emergency that one of your drivers or staff falls ill or needs medical attention. This is especially important if you are travelling abroad.
  • Criminal and Malicious damage – Will protect you encase of Theft or damage to your Coach or Bus.
  • Contents insurance – Is insurance to pay for the theft or damage of personal or business possessions.

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