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Why Cyclists Should Consider Getting Bicycle Insurance

If you get bicycle insurance you can be sure your bicycle can be replaced, with the cost covered, in the event of damage or theft. Bikes can be an expensive piece of property so it is worth getting a safety net and peace of mind with bicycle insurance.

What Details Do I Need To Provide For A Bicycle Insurance Quote?

You will need to provide only a few details to obtain insurance quotes for your bicycle. Try comparing with us and see if you can save on your bicycle insurance.

  • Details about your bicycle. Specifically, state the value, make/model and type of bicycle.
  • General cover requirements such as excess amount.
  • The security of the bicycle such as if locks and alarms are installed and used.
  • Your first and last name, your address, and so on.

How Much Could Bicycle Insurance Cost?

This depends on various factors such as:

  • The value of the bicycle.
  • How many bicycles are to be covered on the insurance policy.
  • Where you live. Unfortunately, where you live can impact insurance quotes.
  • Any optional extras that are added onto the bicycle insurance policy.

How To Get Cheaper Bicycle Insurance

There are a few tips we can offer on getting you a cheaper bicycle insurance quote!

  • Try Comparing with us. Spend a few moments filling out a short form to see what insurance quotes can be offered.
  • Pay a higher insurance excess (if you can afford to).
  • Store your bicycle in a secure location. Some policies inform you that if your bicycle is stolen away from the specified insured location the claim may not be paid out. Keep security in mind with your bicycle!