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Why do I need Insurance for a holiday home?

So you own a holiday home? That’s great news. Its February and you have a trip planned to visit your holiday home in 2 months’ time.  It gets to that time where you will be travelling to that relaxing destination to enjoy a few weeks off maybe a month or even a whole year.

You arrive to find 2 of your front room windows smashed and your door slightly open. With complete disbelief you holiday home has been cleared out. All your furniture destroyed, your TV has been stolen. That holiday you had planned to take has now been ruined.

Holiday Home insurance is there to cover you for the worst. This may be your second home, but to know someone could break in and cause all sorts of malicious damage. Even the most natural causes like flooding, Storms or even a fire should be taken into account.

Make sure that you are covering your holiday home just as you would with your occupied home.

The only downside with holiday insurance is that insurers class them as risky. Because they are more or less un occupied for a long duration of time they can be targeted more than an occupied house.

Some things to consider taking with your holiday insurance.

  • Buildings insurance – to cover the structure of the property
  • Contents Insurance – to protect your belongings.
  • Loss of income – if you cannot let out the property.
  • Public liability – to cover you encase of the death or injury of someone in or on your property.
  • Accidental Damage – to cover for any damage caused by guests or even yourselves.

How can I save money on holiday home insurance?

  • Make sure your home has up to date security
  • Opt for a higher voluntary excess
  • Make sure your home is in good condition
  • Always shop around for cheaper quotes which is what Quote Search UK can do for you.
  • Pay Annually not monthly as some insurers will give you a discount.