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DG10 Drivers Insurance

Drug driving is a serious offence and once an individual has been convicted of the offence, it can have a big impact on your insurance. If you are even found with the smallest amount in your system this could put you over the limit. A drug driving conviction can result in a hefty fine, or potentially six months in prison (or both). It may also mean a driving ban for a year which will appear on your criminal record.

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Any penalty points placed upon your driving licence could remain there for 11 years. By law it’s illegal to drive if you are deemed unfit to do so and you may be prosecuted if the drug taken has not been prescribed for you personally. The endorsement conviction code for drug driving is termed a DG10, with penalty points ranging between 3-11. Penalty points on your licence will increase your car insurance costs and potentially your ability to travel to certain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DG10 specific insurance?

DG10 insurance is an insurance policy for drivers with a DG10 conviction endorsement on their driving licence. If you have been found guilty of driving whilst under the influence of drugs you’ll receive a DG10 endorsement. Obtaining DG10 insurance for drivers can be a real challenge. If insurers do provide DG10 insurance, they tend to significantly increase the cost of their premium prices. This is because they deem you to be a high risk driver. Some insurers may refuse outrightly to even quote for convicted drivers. However, all is not lost for convicted drivers. Helpful companies do exist out there that can find you insurance and get you on the road again. One such company is Try Compare, they’ll find you DG10 insurance price comparisons & get the best deal available to you with the help of their experts.

Do you provide quotes for drivers with DG10 insurance?

Try Compare specialises in providing DG10 insurance cover to drivers with convictions such as driving under the influence of drugs, or for driving over the speed limit. If you have been unsuccessful in your attempts to find quotes with these convictions, we can help you find a good deal.

There are different types of Drug driving convictions and below are some of the most common conviction codes. At Try Compare we can cover you for all of the following conviction types;

DG10DG10 – Driving (or attempting to) drive above the specified drug level limit
DR80Driving (or attempting to) drive when unfit due to drugs
DG60Causing death as a result of careless driving due to being above the drug level limit
DG40In charge of a vehicle whilst drug level is above the specified limit
DG90In charge of a vehicle whilst unfit due to drugs

The above convictions result in 3-11 penalty points being given, and may qualify for an outright driving ban.

What happens if I don’t disclose my convictions?

It is imperative that you disclose all convictions upfront when purchasing your DG10 insurance in order to avoid your insurance policy being voided. Otherwise, in the event of a claim you would not be covered – convictions are visible on an insurer’s database. Driving without a valid insurance is a criminal offence in itself.

Do I have to disclose my spent convictions?

Previous convictions that have been ‘spent’, don’t need to be disclosed. But any “unspent” convictions certainly do. Fixed penalties such as speeding, driving without insurance and careless driving are not classed as convictions, but do still need to be declared…When applying for DG10 insurance you will be asked about other convictions, just be sure you disclose all ‘unspent’ convictions.

How can Try Compare help to find DG10 insurance?

We provide a variety of competitive DG10 insurance quotes that are suited to meet your precise needs. We guarantee affordable premium prices and to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Our insurance brokers can help you find the best quotes for the best possible price. Get Your FREE Quote Today: www.trycompare.co.uk