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DR10 Drivers Insurance

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​Drink Driving can make getting insurance rather difficult but this ends here. We specialise in getting you insurance whether you have been banned for Drink Driving and have a record on your licence.

DR10 Drivers Insurance

Drinking alcohol in excess of the drink-drive limit is proven to be very dangerous, and drink driving has slowly become socially unacceptable in the UK. Drink driving is considered to be a major motoring offence by authorities and could result in severe penalties on your licence.

Having any convictions (such as a DR10) will have a negative impact on your insurance costs, with many insurers refusing to provide any cover at all. With DR10 insurance a 50-year-old driver can expect to have his annual insurance premiums raised to around 121% of what it would be without a conviction.

DR10 insurance for young drivers can also have a significant increase in the annual premium price; around 53% more than non-conviction insurance. Insurance companies aren’t just financially penalising drivers for the sake of it, they weigh up the risk factors of a convicted driver and come to the conclusion that they are currently more likely to be involved in an incident. Those that insurers consider to be high-risk individuals will ultimately have to pay extra for their associated risk. In time as these risks reduce, so too will insurance costs.

dr10 insurance

DR10 Car Insurance

The perceived extra risk by insurers is backed up by hard data. Department of Transport figures state that 6% of all road casualties and 14% of all road deaths can be attributed to drink driving. Around 3000 people are killed or injured fatally every year due to drink and drive collisions. To make sure motorists understand the seriousness of this offence, the punishment for a drink driving conviction may not only be a penalty applied to a driving license, but also a hefty fine of up to £5000, a potential 12-month driving ban and in some cases prison time.

DR10 Convictions

It is imperative that your insurer is fully aware of any convictions (such as drink driving) that you might have. Your insurer can be of great help to you in the event of an accident, however, if it transpires that you have not divulged all the information that you should have, any claim may be rejected outright and your policy made invalid. Any insurance company will refuse to honour a claim in the case of non-disclosure of convictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Try Compare do for drink drivers trying to find DR10 insurance?

Even though getting insurance cover for drink driving can seem difficult and complicated, it is far from impossible. At Try Compare we specialise in getting you insurance if you’ve been banned from driving or have a conviction on your licence. There are different types of drink driving convictions and below are some of the most common conviction codes. We list here insurance quotes for all conviction types;

  • DR10 – This conviction code relates to the offence of driving (or attempting to drive) with an alcohol level above the legal limit.
  • DR20 – Is a conviction for driving (or attempting to drive) when unfit through alcohol.
  • DR30 – Is a conviction for being suspected of driving when unfit through drink and the driver refuses to provide a specimen for analysis.
  • DR31 –Is a refusal to give permission for analysis of a blood specimen which was taken without consent due to incapacity after driving (or attempting to drive) above the alcohol limit.
  • DR40 – A conviction of being in charge of a vehicle whilst the alcohol level is above the limit.
  • DR50 – This conviction is applied for individuals who are in charge of a vehicle while unfit through drink.
  • DR60 – Is a conviction code that is applied for failing to provide a specimen for analysis in circumstances other than driving (or attempting to drive).
  • DR61 – Refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity, in situations other than driving (or attempting to drive).
  • DR70 – This conviction code is issued to a driver where an initial breath test has been refused.

The above conviction codes result in 3-11 points being placed on a driving license and potentially a driving ban. Here at Try Compare we know and understand the difficulties faced by convicted drivers trying to find insurance. It’s our job to find you affordable insurance that’s straight forward and offers you the best policy. So contact us today for competitive DR10 insurance quotes.

What What happens if I don’t disclose convictions? Try Compare do for drink drivers trying to find DR10 insurance?

It is of vital importance that you fully disclose all convictions in order to avoid your DR10 insurance policy from being voided – in the event of any claim you would not be covered. Convictions are held against your name on insurers’ databases and driving without a valid insurance is an offence in itself.

Is a DR10 a criminal conviction?

As per the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, a DR10 conviction is an imprisonable offence and is considered to be a criminal conviction. However, it is considered “spent” after five years from the date of conviction, remaining on your driving licence for 11 years. A DR10 conviction will always impact your car insurance price, and obtaining DR10 insurance can be more tricky. It is best to approach a specialist insurer to help you make the right choice. Try Compare uses the best insurance providers in the UK and compares their quotes with the help of insurance brokers to help you find the best deal for your DR10 insurance.

Why choose Try Compare for a DR10 insurance?

We offer you the cheapest deals and ensure you are insured correctly. Our insurance brokers who will help you choose the correct deal are all FCA approved and specialise in complex insurance cover such as DR10 insurance. Contact us today to get your free quote at www.trycompare.co.uk

What other convictions are common?
  • SP30 – Is the most common and is speeding on a public road.
  • SP50 – Is speeding on the Motorway another very common conviction.
  • TS10 – Failing to stop or comply with traffic light signals.
  • CU80 – Using your phone or handheld device while driving.
  • IN10  – Driving without insurance.
  • AC10 – Failing to Stop after an Accident.
  • BA40 – Causing death by driving while disqualified.
  • CD10 – Driving without due care and attention.
  • DR10 – Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit.
  • DG10 – Driving under the influence of drugs.