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Car Insurance for Drink Drivers

Every year thousands of motorists are charged with drink driving. In 2018 in the UK the number of alcohol-related deaths was 9,214, with 7,551 alcohol attributed deaths recorded. In the same year, there were 586,780 alcohol-dependent drinkers, with 18% of which under some form of treatment. With these alarming figures it’s easy to see why the government has to take action, hence the Road Traffic Act declaring that anyone with 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood is considered unfit for driving.

Drunk Driving Insurance

So what are the effects of driving under the influence of alcohol?

  • Increased tendency to speed and drive recklessly
  • Distorted perception of driving abilities and lack of self-control
  • Delayed reactions in handling a vehicle
  • Altered sight, sense of hearing, poor concentration, impaired judgement
  • Drowsiness

Even the tiniest amount of alcohol in the blood can impact your driving ability. To drive safely good concentration and judgement are key skills, along with the ability to react quickly to unexpected situations should they arise – all of these factors are impaired whilst an individual is under the influence of alcohol, putting yourself and others in danger. It is imperative that all road users are made aware of the fact that drinking and driving is a serious motoring offence, carrying serious punishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the convictions for drink driving?

Drink driving is considered a serious motoring offence, as such if you’re found guilty you could end up with 11 points on your license, a possible driving ban or even imprisonment. One of the greatest repercussions to you as a convicted drink driver is the significant rise in the cost of your insurance. Some insurers could even refuse to give you cover. The cost of your drink drivers insurance premiums could rise by an average cost of 78%. This increase is because insurers will now deem you as a high-risk driver. For a 22 year old the increase in the price of having to take out drink drivers insurance could result in a rise of £1000 annually, and for a 60 year old driver the price increases by around £300 per year. But not all insurers will refuse cover for drink drivers insurance. Different insurers have different criteria when it comes to reassessing individuals with drink driving convictions.

What can Try Compare do for drivers trying to get drink drivers insurance?

Even though getting an insurance cover for drink driving is harder and potentially more complicated, it is certainly still possible. At Try Compare we specialise in getting you insurance whether you have been banned from driving or have a conviction on your licence. There are different levels of drink driving convictions, below are some of the most common conviction codes. We provide insurance quotes for all the following conviction types;

  • DR10 – This conviction code relates to the offence of driving (or attempting to drive), with an alcohol level above the limit.
  • DR20 – Is driving (or attempting to drive) whilst unfit through drink.
  • DR30 – Suspected of driving when unfit through drink and the driver refuses to provide a specimen for analysis.
  • DR31 – Refuses to give permission for analysis of a blood specimen which was taken without consent due to incapacity after driving or attempting to drive above the alcohol limit.
  • DR40 – In charge of a vehicle whilst the alcohol level is above the legal limit.
  • DR50 – This conviction is applied for individuals who are in charge of a vehicle whilst being declared unfit through drink.
  • DR60 – Is a conviction code that is applied for failing to provide a specimen for analysis in circumstances other than driving (or attempting to drive).
  • DR61 – Refusing to give permission for analysis of a blood sample that was taken without consent due to incapacity in situations other than driving (or attempting to drive).
  • DR70 – This conviction code is issued to a driver where an initial breath test has been refused.

The above conviction codes result in 3-11 points being placed on a driving license and potentially a driving ban. Here at Try Compare we know and understand the difficulties faced by a driver that has a conviction on their license. We are here to help such drivers find competitive cover on a range of policies to suit their needs. So contact us today for competitive drink drivers insurance quotes.

How long does a drink driving conviction remain?

A drink driving conviction needs to be declared to your insurer for five years. Offences such as a DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61 and a DR80 will stay on your licence for 11 years from the date of conviction. Whatever your convictions are, at Try Compare we provide direct help with drink drivers insurance comparison quotes from a wide range of providers. We can help you quickly find insurers who will cover you, thereby saving you your time and your money.

Can I get driver’s insurance with a previous driving ban?

If the terms on your driving ban have been served and your licence has been reinstated, then you can get car insurance. However, you need to clearly state all your convictions to your insurer so that they can provide you with the correct insurance cover. If you do not disclose your convictions at the time of taking a policy, you could end up on the wrong side of the law for driving without proper insurance as well as having a claim rejected due to non-disclosure. In the event of an accident, your insurer would consider your policy as null and void, leaving you to face all financial liabilities. It is therefore extremely important that you fully disclose any drink driving convictions so that you can have appropriate drink drivers insurance.

Does Try Compare provide cheap drink drivers insurance?

Trying to get cheap drink drivers insurance may sound like an impossibility… But with Try Compare your hunt for cheap prices ends here, as your insurance specialist we’ll do our very best to find you a great deal on your insurance. We will make sure that the insurance policy offered to you is the right choice for you, at the best price. We have drink driving policies from as little as £24 per month. We guaranteed the cheapest prices to you, with any conviction you may have. Contact us today to get your free quote at www.trycompare.co.uk