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With Try Compare our specialist panel of insurance providers can help you get IN10 car insurance if you have been caught driving without insurance.

Every year sadly thousands of accidents occur on UK roads, the consequences of which can be further compounded by not having the correct insurance policy in place. You may then also be facing large damages and potential medical cost bills on top of everything else.

No matter how careful we judge ourselves to be on the road, accidents can (& unfortunately do) happen at any time. Insurance is a wise investment on a personal level, with those relatively small monthly outgoings protecting us from a potentially huge sum that we might not be able to afford.

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IN10 conviction car Insurance

The Road Traffic Act deems it mandatory for all drivers to have their vehicles insured against any injuries to others and damage to their property. Having any form of insurance may not be sufficient, the correct insurance for the vehicle being driven must be obtained. Incorrect or insufficient cover may have resulted from any of these issues;

  • Providing incorrect information to the insurer about yourself or your vehicle
  • Forgetting to renew your policy, thereby causing it to lapse.
  • Not keeping the insurer informed about any modifications fitted to your vehicle.
  • Driving another vehicle not covered by your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IN10 driving conviction?

An IN10 conviction is a penalty applied for driving a vehicle (or even having it parked on a public road) without (at the very minimum) basic third party cover insurance. It is illegal to allow someone else to drive your car without the correct cover, which could then result in you having an IN10 endorsement being placed on your licence.

Perhaps as a result of forgetting to renew your insurance, or the person driving your car not having an appropriate cover, could be two situations that could lead to an IN10 conviction. 6-8 penalty points will be placed upon your licence for an IN10 conviction code, and these will remain in place for four further years from the date of offence.

A driver with an IN10 conviction on their licence must have specific IN10 insurance before they can drive a vehicle. Your insurer must be informed of an IN10 conviction for five years after the date of offence even though they only stay on your record for four years. IN10 convictions are relatively commonplace here in the UK, but insurance can still be difficult to obtain.

What can Try Compare do for those with an IN10 conviction on their licence?

When applying for IN10 car insurance you should be made aware that your premium price will rise as a result of you becoming a convicted driver. Finding cheap car insurance with any conviction is not going to be as easy as it once was and the conviction will remain on record for 4 years.

Getting help and expert knowledge from a specialist insurance broker will be invaluable to you. If you have an IN10 conviction we specialise in providing quotes for many individuals in the same situation. We work with multiple insurance providers and ensure that you get the cheapest policy prices guaranteed. Though premiums are higher for individuals with convictions, we can still help you get the best deal out there.

What happens if I don’t declare my conviction?

If you don’t disclose a conviction, your insurance policy will be voided and any claim would not be paid. Driving without insurance is a serious motoring offence.

At a minimum, you will end up with a fine and 6 penalty points on your licence. If you end up in court you’ll have a larger fine and potentially a driving ban. Police have the right to seize your car and impound it – impounded cars are returned only when evidence of a new insurance policy is presented. Convictions leave a mark against your name on the insurer’s database, and so obtaining insurance in the future becomes even more difficult. Driving without valid IN10 insurance is an offence in itself, which could then result in further difficulties with law enforcement.

How does an IN10 conviction affect your insurance?

Typically insurance for anyone with any conviction against their name is expensive. Not having the correct insurance effectively means that you have no cover in place. For young drivers, an IN10 conviction could lead to a policy denial by some insurers. If they do provide cover, you can expect an increase in your premium cost by around 15-20%, and for older drivers premiums could rise by 10-15%. Insurance fraud (of any type) is taken very seriously by insurers.

How can Try Compare help with IN10 car insurance?

For anyone with an IN10 conviction on their licence, finding affordable insurance will be hugely important. With the help of brokers who specialise in providing quotes for such convictions, the process becomes much easier.

At Try Compare works with leading insurance providers in the UK who are ready to accept individuals with convictions and provide them with IN10 insurance. If you are struggling to find insurance because of an offence, contact us today and help us get you back on the road. Try Compare can save you time and money by doing all the hard work for you, comparing quotes from different providers and finding the right insurance for you.

Contact us today to get your free IN10 car insurance quote.

Can Try Compare help with other driving convictions?

If you have other driving convictions then we can help. Simply fill out a short form and an insurance provider will call you back to discuss your specialist insurance quotes.