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Try Compare – Insurance Leads Direct To Your Business

Try Compare is an insurance lead generation company. It started in 2018, generating and providing UK leads for over 25 brokers across the UK. Our ‘fresh’ and ‘hot’ leads are generated using high-quality landing page forms on Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns through Google and Bing search engines. All landing pages are HTTPS secured with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL certificate) and submitted leads are stored and driven securely to your company.

Insurance Lead Generation For A Variety Of Brokers

By using a world-renowned lead management system, leads can be filtered out by using set rules and validation to ensure legitimate and quality leads go directly to your business. Also, Try Compare insurance lead generation offers high availability focusing on lead quality as well as quantity for different purchasers. Lead criteria can be discussed to ensure you get relevant and accurate leads to your business.

Leads can be validated and pushed out automatically in real-time to your brokerage. Try Compare is fully data compliant and can aim to ensure business leads arrive securely and in one piece. Insurance leads can be sent through a variety of automated methods – see below.

  • Direct to systems via an API.
  • ‘Hot’ transfers to phone lines.
  • Email notification.
  • Spreadsheet data in CSV via File Transfer (SFTP).

High-quality Insurance Lead Generation is now becoming a necessity for Insurance Brokers and Insurance providers. Without lead quality, your company will be unable to sprout and go further. Discuss our services at Try Compare to get more insurance leads. Use our contact form to find out more.

Testimonials – We’re Rated 5 Stars By Our Clients!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Our Process

1. A customer fills in one of our forms.

2. Data is filtered, checked for quality and sent in seconds via email or API

3. Your sales force calls this customer up and sells the purchased lead and converts into profits for your business

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Filtering Out The Lead Data You Don't Want

At Try Compare we have a lead filter and management system that can not only read and validate the forms on the front and backend of campaigns but, reject sending you any lead that does not match your criteria. We can also cap the number of leads you receive or the time and day you want to receive them. This saves both time and money making sure your Sales Teams are calling relevant customers.

1. Customer Fills out an Insurance Quote Form on our website. The lead is generated.

2. Leads for insurance sales are Filtered Correctly to your criteria

3. Happy Agents and good quality leads

So how do we compare to the rest of the UK insurance lead market and what are our unique selling points?

  • Each UK insurance lead generated by Try Compare are live customers looking to buy insurance there and then.
  • We only sell to a maximum for 3 brokers at any one time for anyone product.
  • We do not buy data in from other sources, all the leads we generate are fresh and never reused or resold on.
  • We only require 30 days notice to cancel or terminate our services.
  • We do not require any money upfront all invoices are billed at the end of the month with an extra 14 days to pay your invoice.
  • We can offer a warm transfer service (product-based).
  • We can call any lead you buy-in from any source for a small transfer fee with guaranteed results
  • We have a refund policy. If a number is incorrect or the lead does not match your criteria you will not be billed for it. If it's within our control we will refund it.

We want you to succeed! This to us is more important than lining our pockets.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help grow your business. Lead prices and products are on our contact form click below for more information.