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What is the difference between a Motorhome, Campervan and Caravan?

You can tell the difference between these types of vehicles as a motorhome will have both areas for living and sleeping but to really stand out from the crowd they have areas like showers and fixtures such as sinks, cupboards and other areas in a larger space. Motorhomes are used to travel around the country and to other places abroad, whereas caravans are generally fixed in place and campervans normally don’t have fixtures like showers or sinks.

Motorhomes require their own specific insurance policy due to being defined as a Motor Caravan. We have insurance providers that can give you the correct motorhome insurance policies.

Motorhome insurance

Do I need to have motorhome insurance?

Yes you do, it is a legal requirement to have motorhome insurance for your vehicle.

What will Motorhome insurance cover me for?

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Theft or damage to your motorhome
  • Fire damage
  • third party damage caused by you

Do you only compare quotes for Motorhome?

No we compare quotes for Motorhome, Caravan and Campervans.

What cover can I get?

Comprehensive cover – This is one of the highest levels of insurance policy and covers everything including third party liabilities, fire and theft as well as damage to your vehicle.

Third party only – Is the minimum level of cover required by law in the UK. This policy pays only for third party injuries and damages to vehicles, their passengers and their property. It does not cover injuries to you or damages to your vehicle, or if your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire.

Third party, fire and theft – In addition to third party injuries and damages, this policy compensates if your vehicle is stolen or destroyed by fire.

Can I add my motorhome to my car insurance policy?

No you cannot, As per the DVLA you need a specialist motorhome insurance policy to legally be covered. You may however add a campervan to your car insurance policy if your provider allows more than 1 vehicle.

Can I use my motorhome to go to and from work?

In a simple answer yes. You can add commuting to your policy along with personal and business use. Essentially if you use the motorhome for social use such as camping or holidays away, then you will more than likely need social, domestic and pleasure. Please speak to our insurance providers to go over each different option in more detail.