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Office insurance is there to protect your business with unexpected events in the workplace.

There are a few different insurance products which you will need for your office insurance here they are with some explanations why.

  • Contents Insurance – This covers your office possessions from theft, fire and flooding.
  • Public liability – This covers you if a guest or member of the public is injured as a result of your office or premises.
  • Employer liability – This is a legal requirement if you have one or more staff working for you. This protects you if a member of your staff has an accident at the workplace or their possessions are damaged.

Some other insurance products you can get which may be important to you.

Do I need Office Insurance and is it a legal requirement?

No Office insurance is not a legal requirement, however, some parts that you get as a package are like an employer’s liability. Whether you get office insurance is up to you, and if you choose to then get a quote today with Quote Search UK.