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What Does Pub Insurance Cover?

When it comes to a Public house there are all sorts of insurance which you need to consider for your business we have listed some of the most common below.

  • Contents insurance
  • Stock insurance
  • Loss of licence insurance
  • loss of money or stolen money insurance
  • Employee Liability insurance
  • Public Liability insurance

We will go through each of the contents and give an explanation of what types of insurance do which will help with your quote.

Contents insurance:

This will cove for the loss or damage of the contents of your pub. You might have rooms which you rent out per night which have TVs, Beds, Fridges, Freezers, Irons which can all be subject to theft or damage. Pubs are vulnerable from theft and damage and is always on the landlords mind.

When you get your quotes you will be able to select a level of indemnity for such items so it’s always good to have in mind how much cover you need.

Stock insurance:

Is to make sure your food is replaced upon any faulty problems or contamination. If there was a problem with your electrics and the freezer and fridge turned off, this could be £1000s of pounds worth of damage which your insurance may pay out for.

Loss of Licence insurance:

Loss of Licence is there to cover you if you lose you license down to something that is not your fault. If you cannot sell alcohol then this type of insurance will help cover the loss of sales as well as the value of your property. What is a pub without being able to sell alcohol?

Loss of Stolen money cover:

It says what it does on the tin, its there to cover you for the loss of cash.