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What is tenants insurance?

Tenants insurance or rental contents insurance is a form of home contents for those renting a property. It is there to protect your possessions against theft and damage. If you have electrical equipment such as TV, Games consoles or computers these can be covered under accidental damage as well.

I am a Student can I get contents insurance?

Yes you can get Insurance if you are a student. Most Insurance providers will cover you but student content insurance tends to be higher risk than other types of tenants. This would mean premiums may be slightly higher.

Can I get insurance for accidental damage?

Yes you can, there are two types of accidental cover. basic level of accident damage cover which is for equipment such as electronic items including TV’s, Games Consoles and computers. Then you have full accidental damage Cover for items like sofas and beds for spillage of items like wine, paint or other hard to get off applications.

Can I get insurance if I live in a shared house?

Yes you can but very similar to students the costs may be higher due to the risk of living with other people, and some insurance providers require you to have your own room door with its own lock.