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Weddings can be expensive from the right venue to the perfect dream dress to having the most beautiful ring and that’s putting aside the amazing food, the five tier cake and all your guests. With these higher costs it is defiantly something you want to consider taking wedding insurance out.

Weddings on average in the UK cost £15,500  and couples spend years saving up for their big day. Imagine in a split second a tragedy happens with a venue that shuts down or goes into administration or even catches fire to losing your venue costs. How about that beautiful wedding dress arrives and your trying it on and tear’s or gets ruined. Those wedding rings you spends thousands on are lost. Just these few tragedies could cost you your wedding and you will want to recoup as much money back as you can.

Here are some reasons why Wedding insurance is taken out.

  • Lost or stolen wedding rings
  • A Supplier lets you down
  • The venue goes bust or cancels
  • Cold feet from the groom or bride
  • Cancellations due to financial difficulty
  • Bad health
  • Bad Weather ruins the day
  • Public liability of your guests or other people around
  • Legal expenses

Some good things to note you can buy Wedding insurance up to two years in advance.

You may be getting married abroad what better way to protect yourself.

What better way to get quotes than from us. If you have the time we have specialised brokers to advise you and make sure your big day is protected.