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Finding the right insurance - Try Compare

Food delivery insurance is a very specific form of vehicle coverage insurance, created for the increasing market of food delivery services in the UK. Today takeaway food is becoming more and more popular, being seen less as an occasional treat and more as part of the UK weekly diet.

Recent figures reveal that an average of £5 per person (per week) is spent on takeaway food. With the evolution of online ordering technology, the food delivery market has entered into a new era. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can have hot food delivered to your door whenever you desire. Thanks in part to this technology, the total UK food delivery market was worth around £8.5 billion in 2019.

Many of us order our food without sparing a thought of how it physically gets to our doorstep. This credit goes to the army of often forgotten and unappreciated food delivery drivers. Often delivery drivers use their own private vehicles to make food deliveries, and are totally unaware of the fact that they are required to have specific food delivery insurance. Even if the vehicle providing the food delivery service is a motorbike or a small car, standard insurance does not cover you in this capacity. Food delivery insurance is essential for delivering takeaways, and without such cover you could risk losing your job, be heavily fined, or be subject to having penalty points placed on your driving licence. Having food delivery insurance ensures that you are properly covered at work and are adhering to the law.

Likewise, specific courier insurance covers drivers that conduct multiple-drop deliveries. This cover is essential for courier delivery services to adequately cover them in the event of an accident. Courier services are typically employed for the transportation of packages, parcels, electronics and even essential medical supplies to differing locations. Courier services therefore spend a great deal of time on the road, which subsequently increases their chances of being involved in an accident or suffering from some form of loss through criminal activity. Courier insurance covers the individual delivering the goods, as well as providing protection against loss, theft or damage of the transported goods themselves. At Try Compare we can help you to pick the most appropriate courier insurance policy for yourself, your vehicle and your cargo.

It is not only food delivery or courier services that need insurance, taxi drivers, wherever they may work, or whoever they may transport, need specific taxi insurance too. Driving in the congested urban sprawl of a city can be a headache. Focusing on the road for hours on end and dealing directly with members of the public at all times of the night and day all increase the risk of a taxi driver, compared to say the average daily commuter. Increased wear and tear of the vehicle being in constant use also adds to the potential hazards of the job. Standard insurance does not give you the cover needed in case of an untoward event. You will need to seek a valid taxi insurance policy for both public and private hire taxis.

There are two definitions of taxi drivers and insurers provide insurance for both. Public hire taxis can be hailed on the street, booked in advance or hired from a taxi rank. Private hire taxis can only be booked in advance. Taxi insurance for both are different so you’ll need to be sure which category your business falls under. Taxi insurance is generally more expensive than standard car insurance as the number of miles covered is greater. Also, the number of unique passengers in the taxi are higher, placing them into a higher car insurance group. As is well known, the higher the category of car insurance, the costlier the premium price. Try Compare can help you get the cheapest taxi insurance by finding the best deals, through the best insurers. If you are looking for courier insurance,food delivery insurance or taxi insurance we are here to help you find the right cover. Specific insurance policies can be complex and the help of a specialist can be invaluable. Compare insurance quotes with us today, contact us for your FREE quote:www.trycompare.co.uk

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