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Mobile phones are a constant companion to almost everyone you meet. On average, we check our phones at least 80 times per day, and for some that can up to 300 times a day! With all this phone use, shopping Is high on the list of activities. Nearly all businesses have adapted to our new digital world, and there has been a boom in e-commerce. The way in which we buy, sell and communicate has changed forever. With the covid-19 pandemic currently gripping the world, restaurants have also had to adapt. With restrictions on our daily lives having been imposed upon us, restaurants have embraced digital solutions, and we can order our food and have it delivered with just a few taps on our smartphones. With this increase in deliveries comes an increase in delivery drivers, who in turn have more traffic jams to dodge, cyclists to look out for, and the many potential prangs out that are all in a day’s work.  Something that restaurant delivery drivers should be made aware of though, is that anyone who delivers food for their job (or as a part of it), requires specific food delivery insurance.  At Try Compare we work with those who deliver food to find them the best cover available at the cheapest prices. Considering all the potential risks involved in their occupation, food delivery insurance is more expensive than standard car insurance. However, with the help of Try Compare’s network of the best insurance providers in the UK, we are able to provide our customers with the very best quotes on the market…

Take out a policy & get on with living - Try Compare

It is extremely important that your vehicle is insured with the correct form of insurance cover (in this case food delivery insurance). Without the proper insurance cover, you are at risk of being prosecuted and being given an IN10 conviction. With more hours spent on the road each day than your average motorist, the chances of being caught for not having adequate insurance is further increased.

Any driver who has an existing conviction will find an increase in the cost of food delivery insurance.

It is always a great idea for customers looking to buy car insurance, to compare car insurance quotes and food delivery insurance quotes, with various insurance providers before taking out a new policy. Try Compare can do this hard work for you.

Some additional benefits of comparing quotes with Try Compare are:

  • Conveniently comparing quotes with the top 100 insurance providers in the UK.
  • You’ll be given various optional extras and levels of cover to choose from.
  • Instant and easy online car insurance quotes delivered straight to your email inbox.
  • The best prices offered to you when looking for insurance products
  • Correct cover to ensure you are adequately protected, via the help of FCA regulated insurance brokers.

Free quotes supplied with no obligation.

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