Comprehensive insurance policies that protect your vehicle

Insurance policies that protect your vehicle– Try Compare

Vehicle insurance can cover; cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles. The main function of vehicle insurance is to provide financial cover in the event of an incident where it is damaged or stolen. Car insurance in the UK is mandatory, and if you are found driving on the road without adequate insurance cover, your vehicle may be seized and as the driver or vehicle owner, you may face legal repercussions. Car insurance is categorised into three main groups; Comprehensive policies, Third-party insurance, and third party fire and theft policies. A comprehensive Policy covers everything included in a third party fire and theft policy, as well as covering any damage that’s done to your vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance policies that protect your vehicle

Third-party only insurance policies only cover damages and / or injuries to third parties, not to your vehicle, nor to you personally. Third-party fire and theft policies provide third party cover, as well as events in which your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire. At Try Compare we understand how crucial it is to find the right cover that gives you full protection, at a price that you can afford. There are a huge selection of products on the market from a huge array of providers, and we can do the hard work for you by retrieving the most appropriate quotes for your vehicle in minutes.

HGV insurance is a specific form of vehicle insurance that covers HGV’s and trucks. No matter how many precautions are taken, accidents sadly still occur on our roads, so to fully protect yourself it’s extremely important to have full cover for your heavy goods vehicle. HGV insurance is suitable for any business (or individual), that is operating a heavy goods vehicle on public roads. You’ll need to ensure that you have all your details to hand when purchasing HGV insurance, as the type of vehicle, business, history of the driver etc, will all have a bearing on the cover that’s offered to you, and it’s total cost. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are classed as HGV’s and are required to have HGV insurance, which not only protects against damage caused to the truck, but also to the cab, driver and trailer. HGV insurance can cover a business and driver for international travel too. Whether you are an owner-operator with one vehicle, or require HGV insurance for a whole fleet, you should purchase a comprehensive policy that protects you against as many eventualities as possible. Many businesses are likely to have very specific requirements for HGV insurance, or be in specific circumstances that might impact which policy options are available. In any event, it is crucial that you disclose all your details and all your requirements at the outset, to ensure you purchase the right policy for your needs. Try Compare are always happy to talk through any policy with you, and whilst HGV insurance cover can be expensive, we can negotiate costs with our providers to find you the best deal. We’ll provide you with a fully tailored quote that will give you the protection you need.

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