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With the rapid growth of freelance work in recent years, more and more people are for the first time looking at self-employment as a viable option. Those who have taken the plunge also have to take on the responsibility of paying their taxes and ensuring that they are correctly insured. Delivery drivers hired by restaurants are a good example of how to generate extra income through freelancing. Working hours for restaurants are typically evenings and weekends which makes them particularly suited to people who need to fit around daytime commitments such as studies, teaching or childcare. Very recently, with the current pandemic raging throughout the world, restaurants have been severely impacted, and have had to resort to solely delivering takeaway food.

Get food delivery insurance - Try Compare

According to Statista around £9.9bn was spent in the UK take-away market in 2016 and this is expected to continue rising each year until 2021. So whether you use a car, motorbike, or a bicycle to do your deliveries, it is important that you have the correct food delivery insurance cover in place.

If you are using your own vehicle to deliver food, it is highly likely that your standard personal insurance policy will not cover you in the role of a delivery driver. Using a vehicle to make deliveries is considered ‘business use’, not personal. Most delivery drivers are ignorant of this fact and the existence of specific food delivery insurance is often unknown. This lack of knowledge could cost them their job, large fines and potentially their driver’s license. Food delivery is considered to be a relatively high-risk business, and insurance companies also take into account the high stress nature of the job, and physical stress of working late nights. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accidents are the major cause of job fatalities. Delivery drivers spend much of their time on the road, which obviously carries inherent dangers. Therefore the risk of an insurance company having to pay out for a claim is higher. So, for you to be both properly covered and adhere to the law, it is essential that you have specific food delivery insurance. Let us state once again that a personal insurance policy will likely not cover any claim in the event of an incident, even if you have added ‘business use’ added to your policy.

Food delivery insurance – Is a specific form of business insurance tailor-made for the food delivery industry. You will have cover for travel between the business premises and the customer’s door. Food delivery insurance is often sold by specialist insurance brokers as many mainstream insurance providers won’t provide insurance for these drivers due to the high risks associated. At Try Compare we can help you obtain a competitive price, by comparing a selection of quotes from various trusted insurers to find the most cost-effective cover for you and your particular circumstances.

Getting insured by an employer – There are certain employers who will provide coverage for their drivers when they use their personal vehicle at work, the relevant policies in these circumstances would be ‘hired’ and ‘non-owned vehicle liability insurance’. Whether you are a full time employee or an independent contractor, your employer will be liable for any claims arising from an accident, or damage that occurs during work. There also exists ‘commercial auto insurance’ that is designed for vehicles owned by companies used specifically for business purposes.

The need for food delivery insurance – If the police stop your vehicle without you having the correct insurance, the consequences may be severe. You may end up with a fine you can’t afford to pay, points added to your licence (effecting your ability to work), or even the possibility of your vehicle being impounded. Your employer may also be exposed to significant liabilities if you cause third-party injury or damage.

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