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If you wish to drive a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) on the road, a valid motor insurance for a HGV vehicle is mandatory. HGV insurance is a form of commercial vehicle insurance that specifically covers HGV’s, lorries and trucks – ranging from 3.5 tonnes to 44 tonnes – these are typically driven for business purposes (such as delivery, goods transportation, couriering). Insurance that covers the category of vehicle you have is vital for all transportation businesses, offering protection to you, other road users and any third party involved. It will also protect the vehicle you drive from any damages, caused by accidents, collisions, unexpected events (such as floods), fires, and thefts. Every provider has their own qualifying criteria for each individual HGV insurance policy. Factors that come into consideration include (but are not limited to); the size of the vehicle, mileage driven, the type of goods transported and record of any previous insurance claims made. Many companies can offer discounts based on your experience level as a driver and if you have a clean driving license.

Get HGV insurance - Try Compare

Operator’s licence – Most HGV insurance brokers will not quote unless you have a valid operators licence. An operators’ licence is required for driving any HGV carrying goods that are associated with business or trade. Vehicles above 3.5 tonnes are considered to be HGV’s, and in these cases an operators’ licence will be necessary.

Benefits of HGV insurance cover – HGV insurance cover is similar to standard vehicle insurance in that as standard it covers damage caused to other vehicles, and can also be upgraded to cover accidental damage to your vehicle, and theft.

HGV insurance cover options:

Third-party, Fire and theft – This option covers other vehicles from damage caused by you, as well as if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire. This is the cheapest option on the market.

Fully comprehensive – This cover protects your vehicle as well as other users on the road from any damage you have caused.

Further levels of cover exist such as; European cover, Legal Cover, Public Liability, Hazardous goods cover and Breakdown Cover which can all be added to your policy.

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