Car insurance with a difference

Car insurance with a difference

Punishments issued for motoring offences range from a fine and points being placed on a license, all the way up to a prison sentence. The punishment is matched to the severity of the motoring offence committed and covers everything from using a mobile phone whilst driving, up to causing death due to drink driving. Endorsements and convictions stay on your driving records for as long as four to eleven years, based on the offence you have committed. Each conviction has a specific code and is issued with between 1 to 11 penalty points. The more serious the offence, the more points you get on your licence. If your penalty points exceed 12 within a period of three years then you can be banned from driving altogether.

Car insurance with a difference

Car insurance is an essential requirement for driving for all users of public roads in the UK. Without it you could end up with a conviction and penalty points on your licence. Car insurance protects you from liabilities that may arise as a result of damages to a third party vehicle or their property. As stated by the UK’s Road Traffic Act, it is illegal to drive without at least a minimum of third party insurance cover. So if you have points or convictions on your licence, you are required to have specific car insurance with points or car insurance with convictions cover. There are penalties for driving without the correct insurance. The police could fine you £300 and hand you 6 penalty points and if it goes to court, then you could get a potentially unlimited fine with a driving ban, and potentially get your car impounded. As a result of this car insurance with points is more expensive than car insurance with a clean licence.  But fear not, however, there are deals to be had and Try Compare can help you seek them out, regardless of the points you have on your licence.

It’s not just car insurance with points that tend to increase the price of your premiums, car insurance with convictions can also be very costly. These convictions needn’t be as a result of purely driving-related offences, but any that have resulted in a criminal record. So even with non-motoring convictions, insurers will increase your car insurance premium as they see you as a high-risk customer. Even relatively minor offences such as not wearing a seatbelt, jumping a red light, are criminal convictions. Major offences such as driving under the influence and failure to report an accident could result in a criminal record. Both major and minor offences have penalty codes associated with them, which when administered to your license will directly impact your insurance premiums. An insurer will always need to know about any convictions that you may have, whether major or minor, or from motoring or non-motoring convictions. Non-disclosure of convictions can lead to your insurance being invalidated as standard insurance is not considered adequate insurance cover. In short, you must have specific car insurance with convictions.

At Try Compare, we compare quotes for convictions of all types. Our network includes some of the UK’s leading insurance providers who can offer car insurance with convictions at affordable prices. With a variety of policies and prices to compare from, you can rest assured that our insurance brokers will help you choose the best possible deal tailored to your needs. Contact us today to get your free quote at https://www.trycompare.co.uk.

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