Insurance for those on the road

HGV Insurance for those on the road

Heavy goods vehicles (HGV’s) are a vital component in the growth of UK industries. The network of roadways are often referred to as the arteries of our economy, and if that’s the case then heavy goods vehicles can be thought of as their red blood cells. HGV’s play an important role in the freight industry by transporting goods between locations, and the freight industry has continued to grow year on year. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has produced figures that state the UK’s new HGV market rose by 12.6% in 2019. HGV’s are classified as vehicles that weigh over 7.5 tonnes, and driving HGV’s with their significant size and weight, coupled with the fact that they travel on public road systems, do present a potentially hazardous combination. It is therefore vital that HGV driver’s have the correct level of HGV insurance to protect them in their occupation. This form of insurance is mostly purchased by logistics and delivery companies. Depending on the requirements of a specific company, HGV insurance can be tailored to include many additional areas of cover. The cap for HGV insurance is 44 tonnes and anything above that calls for a specialist policy.

HGV insurance offers two main levels of cover; third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive. Third-party fire and theft protects you against damages to a third party vehicle, property or person, and damage due to fire or theft. Comprehensive cover protects your vehicle and yourself from any incidents. Additional covers are also available as added extras for HGV insurancesuch as European cover, HGV breakdown cover, Legal cover, Hazardous goods cover and Public liability cover. As there are many options, it’s important that you consider which to be of greatest importance for your circumstances. HGV insurance can be relatively expensive when compared with standard car insurance, but this increase in price reflects the added associated risks of driving a larger vehicle. At Try Compare we help you choose the appropriate insurance for your vehicle and provide you with quotes that are fully customised to your needs at the most affordable prices.

HGV’s play a major role in the initial stages of distribution, and then the couriers take over, transporting goods from seller to buyer. Courier services offer rapid delivery and are safe and affordable. They provide same-day deliveries locally and also international services. The benefits of using courier services are:

Speed – They take individual orders and deliver them on-demand in real-time.

Availability – They work round the clock throughout the year. Customer service provided by courier companies are of superior quality and are easily accessible.

Security – Their services are safe and secure and you are informed throughout the process of where your goods are, and when and where they are going to be.

Easy access – Courier companies are omnipresent. You need only to make a quick call, email, or use an online portal to connect with them.

Cost – They come at affordable prices.

The occupation of courier driver carries some inherent risks with it. Always being on the road is the main one, and with that comes increasing chances of being involved in an accident or incident. Insurers will always consider these factors before providing courier insuranceto occupational drivers, and therefore the cost of premiums will be higher when compared to standard car insurance policies. But getting cheap courier insurance is possible if you take the time to look around and compare insurance providers. At Try Compare we work with a network of leading providers in the UK and we can help you find the cheapest courier insurance. Our courier insurance premium quotes start from as little as £12 per month. Our forms are easy and quick to complete and our insurance brokers are all FCA regulated.

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