Comparing quotes insurance for the best deal

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Statistics show that 6.8 million people in the UK would not wish to buy car insurance, if it was not required by law. Around 22% of motorists were unsure whether they would buy car insurance, whilst 61% said they would. More than six million people not desiring to buy car insurance is cause for real concern. The average cost of a road accident comes to around £3000, a significant cost indeed and one that an uninsured driver may not be able to pay. With car insurance comes peace of mind with the knowledge that if an accident were to occur on the road, and you were to injure yourself or someone else, your insurance will be there to help pick up the pieces.

Comparing quotes insurance for the best deal
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By purchasing car insurance you can benefit from the following:

Saving money – By investing small sums of money now, you can protect yourself and your family from potentially huge expenses in the event of accident, theft or damage in the future.

It saves time & reduces stress – The adverse effects of a car accident can be very stressful and time consuming. A good car insurance company will take on much of the burden of documentation, administration, repair and sorting claims from any third party.

Cover for damage – In the event of an accident to a third party vehicle, a car insurance policy will pay for any expenses directly.

Personal injury cover – Car insurance will cover any injuries caused in the event of an accident involving yourself and your vehicle.

Tailor the cover to fit your circumstances – You can add driver benefits that provide enhanced cover for specific events and situations. Breakdown cover is an example of an enhanced insurance product.

Replacement if stolen – If your car is stolen your car insurance will pay for all the expenses of buying a new car, up to the specified amount detailed in your policy.

Cover for damage from fire or bad weather – In the event of a fire, damage to your car caused by bad weather conditions, your car insurance will cover you.

Legal costs paid – If your car is involved in a third party accident, or you damage another vehicle, person or property, your car insurance can cover the cost of legal fees and expenses arising from legal challenges against you. This is often an added extra.

In the case that you drive a taxi for a living, standard car insurance won’t be sufficient cover for you. Driving a taxi requires specific taxi insurance by law. This insurance protects you, your car and the passengers in your car. When compared to car insurance, taxi insurance can be more expensive. So it is always advisable to compare taxi insurance quotes with different insurance providers to help you pick up the cheapest deal going.

 So, what benefits will you have by comparing  taxi insurance quotes?

Better premium rates – Comparing quotes with different insurance providers helps you get the best policy at affordable premium prices. Different insurance providers can provide the same level of cover, with different premium prices.

Customised policy – You can customise your own plan using the benefits, add ons, car’s IDV and more besides.

Vehicle trends – When you compare taxi insurance, you get to see the policies being purchased by driver’s with the same car as you, as well as those living nearby.

Add ons – By comparing quotes you’ll be given insights into the most popular add-on’s and enhancements made available by the insurance providers, allowing you to choose the best ones suited to you.

Discounts – Every provider issues a discount through a price comparison site, allowing you to choose from the best deals available.

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