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Insurance for Convicted Drivers with Try Compare

Convicted Driver insurance provides cover for those who’ve been convicted of a driving offence, this ranges in severity from a speeding offence to a previous disqualification. This specific form of insurance will cover everything that standard vehicle insurance does, but is typically more expensive to purchase because of the extra level of risk associated with convicted drivers (which scales dependant upon conviction type). Depending upon the frequency and severity of your conviction, some insurers may refuse to offer any cover to convicted drivers, and car insurance is legally required to drive a car in any UK public place.

Get Insurance for Convicted Drivers with Try Compare

Convicted driver insurance (as with standard car insurance) offers three levels of cover – Third party only (which covers third party damage to vehicles, property & individuals), Fire and theft (which in addition to third party, also covers damage resulting from fire or theft), and lastly Full Comprehensive Insurance (Which in addition to the above two policies, also covers you & your vehicle).

‘Drink driving’ is a serious driving conviction that’s punished severely by UK law enforcement,

and if an individual is prosecuted with the offence, they may lose their license altogether. Specific Drink Driving Insurance is required if an individual is convicted of Drink Driving and is given a

DR10 code on their driving license. If you have been convicted of driving (or attempting to drive) whilst above the legal alcohol limit, a DR10 endorsement will remain on your license for a period of 11 years (from the date of conviction). You may also receive between 3-11 points on your licence. If you obtain more than 12 points on your licence within 3 years, you will be issued a total driving ban.

Similarly, driving a vehicle without insurance is against the law (as per the U.K Road Safety Act of 2006), and you could face prosecution. Specific IN10 insurance exists to help those that have been convicted of driving an uninsured vehicle, without the minimum Third Party insurance cover. If you receive an IN10 endorsement on your licence it will remain there for up to 11 years, with 3-11 points placed on your licence. You will receive an immediate driving ban if you exceed more than 12 points within 3 years. When you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years, you are likely to be disqualified, due to the ‘totting-up’ rule. Any TT99 endorsement will keep a record of the points you have acquired, and you could be disqualified from driving for six months if you receive 12 penalty points or more within 3 years, or for twelve months if you are given a second disqualification within 3 years, and for two years if you receive a third. You can obtain TT99 insurancefrom specialist brokers.

Whether you have received a driving ban in the past, or currently have penalty points on your licence for a motoring offence, Try Compare can help you find a policy that will get you the cover you need at the price you can afford…Contact them today

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