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When it comes to consumer products, we have all become used to having a wide variety of options to choose from. With the increased choice, there is a greater potential to choose an item that isn’t entirely suitable, or as appropriate as another item might be. And the way to avoid this is to do your research!

But, let’s be real, we haven’t got all the time in the world to meticulously compare and contrast each and every product on the market. So what do we do instead? – We find a specialist who can do the job for us!

When it comes to choosing insurance products, the same principle applies. You need to ensure you have the correct product that suits your needs and is within your budget. Your specialist with this task is Try Compare. Try Compare can help you to find the right cover that suits your circumstances. In the case of deriving convictions, failure to choose the right product could invalidate your cover and you may find that some providers refuse to provide cover altogether.

Conviction codes considered as ‘high risk’ by insurance providers:

DG10 Insurance – A conviction code given to a driver with a drug level found to be above the legal limit. If convicted, the penalty will remain on a license for 4 years. The diver can also expect to receive between 3 – 11 points on their license.

DR10 Insurance – This conviction code is applied to a driver who is found to have an alcohol level above the legal limit. This penalty will remain on a license for 11 years. Once a license accrues 12 more points (within 3 year), the driver can expect a total ban.

IN10 Insurance – If caught whilst driving without the minimum level of third-party car insurance, a driver will be given an IN10 conviction. This will remain on their license for 11 years. Additionally, the driver is likely to receive between 3 – 11 penalty points on their license.

TT99 Insurance – If the total number of penalty points on a license ever reaches 12 (or more), then the driver will be banned from driving. This is typically referred to as a “totting up” ban. Unfortunately, obtaining DR10 insurance, DG10 insurance, TT99 insurance and IN10 insurance may be a difficult task, because a driver with one or more of these convictions is deemed to be ‘higher risk’ by insurers.

There are very many insurance providers in the market and it can be very difficult for a driver to find a good insurer that offers an appropriate policy. This is where Try Compare can help significantly

TRY COMPARE is an insurance platform where customers can easily compare many different insurance products. You’ll be able to find out instantly who will provide you with cover for your previous driving conviction. So if you need DR10 insurance, DG10 insurance, IN10 insurance, or TT99 insurance, then Try Compare can find the cover you need at a price you can afford.

With TRY COMPARE, finding the right insurance for your circumstances becomes so much quicker and easier.

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